Release Day: Do Flowers Go to Heaven

We are so happy to present Do Flowers Go to Heaven? by Deniese Kohles, author of Heaven Has a Secret for You!


Have you ever been told to believe in something you could not touch, let alone see, but knew deep inside that it was worth fighting for, even more than the air we breathe? What if a simple wildflower’s journey could lead us to a deeper understanding of our choices of knowing, struggling and ultimately believing?

Come embark on the Wildflower’s journey, with his brother and sister, as they grow in search of a great light and discover the answer to an important question.

Do flowers go to Heaven?

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Deniese Kohles is a wife of 37 years, mother, grandmother, interior designer, retired art teacher and youth minister, who resides in Grand Junction, Colorado. She was creatively inspired by a reoccurring vivid dream, to write her first book, Heaven Has a Secret for You! as a gift for her grandchildren.

It was her children who compelled her to share her stories with the world, so that everyone would know that Heaven has a secret for them too.




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