I love writing romance that is based on faith and much of what I write comes from what I have observed either in my life or the lives around me. I love watching people and their interactions. I am also lucky because my sons are in college so I get a lot of observation time with young people.  I wish this was a topic that would be discussed outside of Christian romance books and church.  Relationships based on faith are strong and writing about them challenges me to develop a relationship, a friendship, and a shared belief system. A deep respect for each other and an even deeper love for something greater than themselves. It is more difficult to write a love relationship based on faith because as a writer I have to get those feelings across to the reader. I have to wordsmith and create scenes where the reader begins to feel as deeply for the characters as the characters do for each other. In romance books that are not faith based the author can use physical actions to show closeness. But as a faithful person, I know physical actions can be surface level and give the impression of a connection when in reality it’s just physical and will burn out eventually. Writing Christian Romance has challenged me to do just what people in relationships should do.  Dig deeper and find the true love, never settle for surface level feelings.


10431934956741Connie grew up in Seattle, but moved to Central Washington to be closer to all things outdoors. Married, with two college boys, she keeps busy kayaking, mountain biking, skiing ,and hiking through the beautiful hills of the Wenatchee Valley. Growing up with a love of reading, the transition into writing seemed natural, and she can be found on summer days writing under the tree in her front yard, surrounded by her three dogs.

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One Thousand Silent Moments


Connie Ann Michael

Only weeks back from the war, Emme “Doogie” Sawyer is in trouble. She struggles to fight the war in her head while also trying to build a relationship with Raven – who has recently returned from Afghanistan and taken up temporary residence in her house. Unfortunately, it’s hard to lock down the bad without cutting off the good. Soon, Sawyer begins to slip deeper into the darkness of the war she thought she left behind.

Running from his own mistakes, Raven tries to be the support Sawyer needs to move forward, but he soon discovers that in order to heal, they must rely on their faith more than they rely on each other. Raven takes Sawyer back to his childhood home, to where he hopes they both can find themselves and the faith they left behind. 

Will they be able to find their way back to each other, or will the horrors of war and past mistakes destroy them for good?



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