L – Lots of Things

Today’s post is courtesy of Lisa Dunn, author of The Chasmaria Chronicles.


L is for lots of things. Life, love, loss… Any one of those could keep me writing for a long time. L is also for Laura, as in Laura Maisano, my editor at Anaiah Press.

I first encountered Laura way back in 2014 when I was querying my first manuscript. She requested the full manuscript through a Twitter pitch party. A few weeks later, still awaiting final judgement from Anaiah, I participated in another pitch party. Laura commented, “I really love Grit.”

After a couple emails and a phone call during which I asked a million questions, probably in a very nervous, scatterbrained manner, I signed with Anaiah Press, and Laura began the work of tearing apart my manuscript.

She was brutal, but gentle, telling me what I needed to cut, add, or amp up. “Simplify” and “Go Deeper” are phrases I will forever associate with Laura. Throughout the process, which amounted to some four rounds of developmental edits (eight drafts in all) in which we filled in plot holes and smoothed over awkward phrasing, plus another round or two of content and line edits to look for typos and such, Laura never lost sight of the heart of the story. She always sought and respected my opinion, working with me to ensure the manuscript would meet the press’s requirements and the market’s interest.

Laura understood my story, and that, combined with her enthusiasm and attention to detail, made her an excellent editor to work with. The three manuscripts she edited were peppered not only with technical corrections, but with comments like, “Brakken is a jerk,” and “Have I mentioned I love Coil?” It was truly an enjoyable experience that strengthened me as a writer. By the end, I felt Chasmaria belonged to her as much as to me.

In a few weeks, three years and three books after Laura received my first query letter, I’ll meet my lovely editor face to face at DFW Writers Conference. I’m excited, in my quiet, introvert way, to meet this lady who has been my editor, my cheerleader, and my friend.

If you’re in the market for an editor who sees both the big picture and the tiny details and will cheer you through every arduous task she demands of you, here’s what Laura’s looking for:

Laura is a language nerd, honestly an overall nerd, and loves to immerse herself in strange worlds through fiction. Her interests are geared toward YA/NA fantasy of all kinds and soft sci-fi. Laura is looking for fantasy of any kind (urban, low, high, epic), sci-fi, or dystopia. Give her interesting settings, but more importantly, give her gripping characters and drama. Make her cry, laugh, and invest in well-rounded “real” people as they struggle through adversity, only to come out stronger on the other side. She’d love to see a strong sibling relationship and an emotional quest, or a clean dystopia where the heroes can keep their shirts on. (http://www.anaiahpress.com/about.html)

If she falls in love with your story, I’ll be the first to welcome you to #TeamLaura.

Actually, Laura will be the first to welcome you, probably followed by the rest of Anaiah’s staff and any authors who check their email before I do, but you get the point.

Welcome to #TeamLaura.



Lisa DunnLisa lives in a small Southern town with her husband and four children. Having found school incredibly dull, she teaches her children at home, where backyard forts, imaginary worlds, and an adorable Great Dane make things like Latin and long division bearable. You can follow Lisa on her blogFacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.

3 thoughts on “L – Lots of Things

  1. AAWWW Tearing up over here. I seriously cannot to wait to meet you in person and show you off to everyone! Here’s my author and read her books they’re AMAZING! 🙂

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