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We have a treat for all of you today! Our editors have come together to share our personal wishlists of the things we would love to see in our inbox.


Kara Leigh Miller — Editorial Director, Adventures, Presence, Romance, & Surge

About Kara: Kara has been working as a professional editor for well over four years now. She’d started out as a copy editor at a small secular press and quickly worked her way up to Senior Editor before joining Anaiah Press as Managing Editor for Surge and Romance. Within a year, she was promoted to Editorial Director. She combines her knowledge and prior editing experience with a passion for the written word and a love of all things romance. She is a multi-genre published author, and an avid reader with eclectic tastes. She loves to help her fellow authors recognize their dreams of publication and is very excited about working toward that goal with Anaiah Press.

Kara’s Wishlist: In Adventures, she’s seeking fun, fast-paced middle grade that will make young readers excited to read; stories of adventure, friends, family, school, and growing up. In Presence, she’s looking for heart-pounding, contemporary stories of spiritual warfare ala Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti and The Left Behind Series. In Romance, she has a weakness for romantic suspense–she just can’t get enough of it! She prefers contemporary settings and tends to shy away from anything historical. Second chance romances and cowboys are also favorites of hers. She loves unique, vivid settings, such as the vineyard in Tess in Boots or the deserts of Afghanistan in the 1000 Moments Series. In Surge, she’d love to find a story set during summer / Bible camp!  Or really, anything contemporary for YA / NA. And she’d be thrilled to find a story that centers around a storm or accident that leaves the characters stranded.


~  Hayley Stone — Senior Editor, Romance ~ 

About Hayley:  Hayley is an editor, writer, and poet. As an author herself, she knows what it’s like being on the other side of the editorial table and tries to communicate edits in a clear, straight-forward manner to her fellow writers.

Hayley’s Wishlist: Romances that don’t shy away from the absurd moments that make relationships great. She doesn’t care for the alpha male trope, but prefers heroes who aren’t afraid of a little gender role-reversal and heroines who know what they want. Humor is the fastest way to her heart. While she loves sci-fi romance and romantic fantasy, she also has a soft spot for historical romance that gets the facts right and features time periods not frequently explored in fiction. She would love to work with diverse authors eager to put their stories into the world.


~  Laura Maisano — Senior Editor, Surge ~ 

About Laura: Laura is a language nerd, honestly an overall nerd, and loves to immerse herself in strange worlds through fiction. Her interests are geared toward YA/NA fantasy of all kinds and soft sci-fi.

Laura’s Wishlist: I’m still searching for that sibling story, something with strong bonds of love that are tested. Something with emotion, ala Fullmetal Alchemest and Frozen. A contemporary fantasy, something that borders on magical realism with a strong story of faith. Nerdy/geeky heroes! OR something with pop culture and inspirational themes.

Got something that one of our editors wants to see?

Send it to us!

Our full submission guidelines can be found HERE


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