Author Interview & Spotlight: Connie Ann Michael

Today, we have author, Connie Ann Michael here to answer a few questions and tell us a bit about her new book, FORSAKEN.

Welcome, Connie, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself. 

10431934956741A new resident of Montana, I grew up in a close family on the outskirts of Seattle. Drawn to the Lord I’ve followed my calling of service and has taught for twenty-six years, currently the fifth grade teacher at Crow Agency Public School, on the Crow Reservation. I love my family and am lucky enough to have two grown boys. Living with my husband and two dogs in Big Sky country, I enjoy any activity that takes me outside and I’m working hard to overcome my fear of being eaten by a bear to enjoy more hiking trips in the mountains.


Bears?! *shudders* That could make an interesting story… How long have you actually been a writer?

I have been writing to some extent since I was in fifth grade but anything worthy of reading has been about 10 years.

So, you’re newest novel, FORSAKEN released earlier this week–May 23rd to be exact. What was the inspiration for this book?

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began the thought process, and then I attended a bible study on Revelation and it all kind of went from there.

Prior to FORSAKEN, you’ve published primarily military romances–The 1000 Moment Series–and this is your first young adult novel. Why the switch? 

I felt like I was missing out on a genre my boys would like to read. They wouldn’t touch my romance novel so I had to get into something a bit more young adult.

Well, congratulations from everyone at Anaiah Press! When you’re not writing (or editing), what do you do?

During the school year, I am working. My commute is long so I think of many story ideas but can’t really write them down until vacations. In the summer I try to schedule writing time and then hike, bike, and do anything outside.

You certainly keep busy, huh? Can you tell us three things about you that not a lot of people know?

  1. I love to kayak and have kayaked class 5 rapids.
  2. My favorite place is the ocean.
  3. I’m a movie buff.



All right, so the question everyone has been waiting for. Tell us about your book! The cover is stunning!

Eighteen-year-old Oli cannot remember life outside the barrier, a life before the oil spill that poisoned human kind, killing half the population and infecting the other half until they deteriorated from the inside out, forced to walk the earth as Screamers. It’s a dangerous new world in which barely anyone makes it past the age of twenty, and Oli’s time is running out.

Studying the Bible, Oli searches for words to help restore faith in a lost world, and when she receives a message from God telling her to leave the barrier, she knows what she must do. There’s only one problem: Her best friend, Coi, doesn’t believe her, and he’s showing the first signs of infection. But before she can convince him to leave with her, the Governor quarantines Coi and orders his execution.

Oli risks it all to rescue Coi, and they set out to find sanctuary away from the safety of the compound, not knowing who or what will get to them first: the Governor, the illness, or the Screamers. When they stumble upon a group of uninfected humans hidden among the rubble of an apartment building, they think they’ve found their salvation. But not everything is as it seems, and their enemies are closer than they thought.

Where can we get a copy?

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

And you can add it to Goodreads.

And where can readers find you?

My blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m going to learn to be more disciplined in my blog writing.

Finally, tell us what’s next. What else are you working on?

I have a few projects in the works. I am working on the first and last book in the Screamers series as well as I have another college age book in the works and I am hoping to start the fourth book in my 1000 moments series.

Thanks so much, Connie! 

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