Today, we have author, Dena Netherton here to answer a few questions and tell us a bit about her new book, HIGH COUNTRY DILEMMA.

Welcome, Dena, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself. 


DenaWhen I was ten years old, I started to read poetry, and it dawned on me that words have the power to inspire, or outrage readers, to make them laugh, or plunge them into a vat of tears. As a kid, when I found a really good novel, I’d read it again and again. I remember thinking, “I want to write so well that some young reader will stash my book under their pillow.”

I never forgot that goal, even while I was studying music theater in college. Later, I had the opportunity to write scripts for community music shows, and to direct them. It’s so much fun to transport the audience to a new world for a couple of hours. That’s what I hope my novels will do, too.

I remember stashing books under my pillows, too! Obviously you’ve been reading a long time, but how long have you actually been a writer?

As soon as I read my first Robert Frost poem in the fifth grade, I started writing Frost-like (or should I say Frost-lite) poems. Then I read Jack London and I knew I had to start writing my own adventure novels. Well, I wrote lots of stories in my teens, but very few ever reached the critiquing eyes of my parents or teachers. After I read Jane Eyre, I knew I had to write my own romance someday.

And you did!  A fantastic romance, nonetheless. HIGH COUNTRY DILEMMA released Tuesday. Congratulations! What was the inspiration for this book?

My husband and I used to live in the gorgeous Rocky Mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado at an elevation of 8000 feet. Some of the high country towns up in the mountains have really interesting histories. We attended a couple of melodramas, and I got the idea for blending a melodrama story that takes place during the 19th century Colorado silver boom, with a similar contemporary story, kind of a story within a story.

I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado. When you’re not writing (or editing), what do you do?

During the day: hiking, or practicing the piano or classical guitar.
During the evening: reading, or watching medical shows, the real ones. (I love all that gory stuff.)

Ha! I love the gory stuff, too, but I usually “get my fix” in the form of really bad scary movies. Can you tell us three things about you that not a lot of people know?

  1. I’m ambidextrous.
  2. I can write with both hands simultaneously, one moving backward, the other, forward.
  3. I love miniature donkeys.

high country dilemma 1600x2400


All right, so the question everyone has been waiting for. Tell us about your book! The cover is stunning!

Fallon Hart has landed her dream job—directing the annual melodrama, Miss May’s Dilemma. But when Fallon arrives in Pine Ridge, Colorado, she finds her new apartment in flames. To make matters worse, her manager wants her to sing an impossible solo. Her family wants her to give up the theater and join the family jewelry business. And her selfish, controlling ex-fiancé wants her back. The biggest dilemma of all, though, is trying to make everyone happy.

Handsome firefighter, Lucas O’Farrell, is searching for his soul-mate, a lady who’ll share his love of the mountains, small-town living, and kids. He knows exactly what he doesn’t want: a sophisticated city girl like Fallon. But when they are cast as sweethearts in the melodrama, the attraction is hard to deny. Before he realizes it, he’s falling for her—hard—and it’s possible she’s starting to love him, too. But is love worth the risk if the she’s planning to return to Denver at the end of the season?

Where can we get a copy?

You can read the entire first chapter for FREE on the Anaiah Press website.

Amazon  / B&N / iBooks

And where can readers find you?

My website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thanks so much, Dena! 


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