Cover Reveal: Her Traitor’s Heart

We’ve got another gorgeous cover to share with you today. HER TRAITOR’S HEART by Colleen Hall is a heart-warming (and wrenching) historical romance, and it’s hitting the virtual shelves on December 5, 2017!

her traitors heart 1600x2400For Coral Leigh, the Civil War took everything and everyone she loved: her fiancé, her brother, and her father. But when her mother dies of grief shortly after the war’s end, Coral’s plantation home, Elmwood, must be auctioned. Soon to be homeless, she fears becoming yet another casualty of the war.

Fortunately, help arrives in the handsome form of Clint Logan, a decorated general in the Union army, and part of the occupational forces stationed near her home. When the general kindly offers her employment, Coral decides her pride isn’t worth starvation.

As love blooms between them, Coral and Clint must contend with threats worse than the scrutiny of Southern society. Disenfranchised Confederate soldiers are causing trouble around town, and Coral has to face the possibility of Clint’s death in the line of duty, along with her own social ostracization. She will have to decide if she’s ready to trust her heart’s new loyalties, even if it means forsaking everything she’s ever known.


Author-Photo__Colleen-HallColleen lives in South Carolina with her husband, and like her story, she’s from New England and he’s from South Carolina. They met while attending college in Greenville, South Carolina, and she never went back North. Colleen has three grown children, three very spoiled cats and three horses. She loves to ride in her spare time and has given riding lessons to children. Another passion of hers is to haunt the antique shops. Her house is filled with Victorian furniture and knickknacks.

You can learn more about Colleen on her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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