Announcing: ANAIAH COZY

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a relaxing and blessed Christmas and New Year. We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening at Anaiah this year…

First, we are officially re-open to submissions! If you’ve got a story you think is perfect for us, send it our way. Please visit our Submissions page for details on how and what to submit.

Secondly, we have TWO new editors joining our staff. Please keep an eye on the blog for their bios and wishlists, which will be coming within the next couple of weeks.

Third, we are doing something we haven’t done since opening our doors in 2014–We are launching a new imprint! That’s right. A brand new line with brand new stories and authors.

We’re thrilled to announce Anaiah Cozy!

What is Anaiah Cozy?

It’s an imprint dedicated to cozy mysteries.

What is a cozy mystery?

It’s a sub-genre of crime fiction in which the main character is an amateur sleuth (as opposed to a detective, cop, or private investigator) who is, for one reason or another, compelled to investigate a murder–usually because the victim or the prime suspect is a close friend or family member. Cozies are generally set in small towns with a cast of colorful characters. The crime always happens off the page, and any romantic elements are secondary to the mystery and develops slowly over a series of books.

Here are some great resources about writing cozies:

  1. Writer’s Digest — 4 Things you Should Know About Writing a Cozy Mystery Novel
  2. Elizabeth S. Craig wrote a wonderful series on her blog that tackles each unique aspect of a cozy mystery. Here are direct links to each part of Writing the Cozy Mystery:

What is the accepted word count for a cozy?

70,000 – 85,000 words. Don’t worry–if your book is slightly lower or higher, we will still take a look at it.

What types of cozies is Anaiah looking for?

We’re open to just about any type of cozy providing it adheres to our primary guidelines, meaning the story and/or characters must reflect a Christian worldview. We will not accept any cozies with paranormal elements. We would love to find some that center around a Bible study group, choir, book club, a pet rescue, or the PTA. Food and craft based mysteries are always welcomed, too. And we want series, so the more books you have written or planned, the better.

How to submit: 

Send a query letter and first 10 pages of the manuscript pasted into the body of an email to Kara Leigh Miller at: submissions(at)Anaiahpress(dot)com.





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