New Romance Editor Open for Submissions!

We are pleased to introduce our newest Senior Editor, Cimone Watson!

WIN_20180115_16_54_17_ProI love Jesus first, my family second, and everything else third. I’m a math nerd, movie nerd, linguistics nerd and book nerd. My family and I are a whole box of Nerds. I grew up in South Florida and attended college at the University of Houston for a while, which deepened my understanding of diversity, something I love to see in books. I love kakuro puzzles, spending time with family, drinking banana, peanut butter and cacao powder smoothies, and listening to the sound of ocean waves. Team Peeta, so don’t @ me. (Kidding; you can always @ me.)

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Cimone will be working primarily in our Romance Imprint, which means she will be acquiring and editing Adult manuscripts. 

Cimone’s Wishlist:

  • Strong women. Especially strong women of color.
  • I want my strong characters, both men and women, to show emotion. Send me stories of strong men who cry!!!
  • Stories that deal with mental illness! I really want Christian fiction that isn’t afraid to tackle this topic. Ideally, stories that deal with it in a bold way while still offering hope.
  • Stories with competitions, like cooking competitions. Even better if the enemies-to-lovers trope is present.
  • Speaking of cooking, stories about food.
  • Nerds! (Not the candy, haha.)
  • Horseback riding, rural settings, and ranch life.
  • Women working in (or studying) STEM fields, business, and law.
  • Romance in which one or both main characters are neuroatypical. (This should go without saying, but they should be well-developed characters.)
  • Romance in which one or both characters are physically disabled. (Again, well-developed characters. People who live and love and have agency.)
  • Piggybacking off of that, I love the #ButYouDontLookDisabled hashtag, so I’d like stories of people whose disabilities are invisible.
  • Someone with a second chance at love after being widowed, especially if that person is a single parent. (I love Sleepless in Seattle, for example.)
  • A manuscript that can make me laugh, cry, or talk directly to my computer screen as if watching a football game or horror movie (“No! Why’d you do that, [Main Character’s Name]?”), because I’m so invested in the characters and plot.
  • Diversity, diversity, diversity. To be more specific, books my marginalized authors (regardless of whether the characters share those marginalizations.) However, if your book is #ownvoices, I’d definitely like to know that.
  • #ownvoices Autistic rep.
  • #ownvoices Asperger’s Syndrome rep. I’d be so happy to see an Aspie character find romance. #aspielove

Submission Guidelines:

Send a query letter and the first 10 pages of the manuscript pasted into the body of an email to: Cimone(dot)Watson(at)AnaiahPress(dot)com

Please remember: Anaiah Press is a Christian fiction publisher and as such, all submissions must contain Christian themes and/or elements.


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