Author Interview: Katy Eeten

Please welcome, Katy Eeten, and learn about her new release, BLAST FROM HER PAST!

Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself.
I’ve lived most of my life in southeast Wisconsin, despite my dislike of cold weather. I’ve been married to my husband Jason for over 15 years, and we have two wonderful sons, ages 9 and 7. I have a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in journalism, and I work full-time in the business world. I’m not crafty or artsy, but I somehow ended up with the writing gene. I love – LOVE – dessert and pizza. I enjoy taking walks (especially when the weather is gorgeous) and playing games or watching movies with my boys. And someday, I hope to rediscover my love of sleeping in until my body decides it’s time to wake up, instead of an alarm clock or my children doing the honors for me.
Can you tell us three things about you that not a lot of people know?
1) I was a fast-pitch softball pitcher as a teenager, and my team once played the Russian Olympic softball team.
2) I type over 100 words per minute
3) I once threw out the first pitch at a Milwaukee Brewers game
What is your writing process like?
My motivation comes in waves. I work full time during the day, so when I get on a writing kick, I end up glued to my laptop at night and on weekends or days off work – but then I’ll go weeks without touching my story. When I’m in the zone, I’ll re-read what I’ve written every few days to make sure it flows as well on paper as it did in my head. If I have an idea I don’t have time to flesh out, I’ll type out the general gist in all caps so I don’t lose the idea and I’m reminded to flesh it out when I can get to it.
Blast From Her Past released this week. Can you tell us what it’s about?
Two ex-classmates – Grant (jock and former bully) and Sydney (sweet, naive “girl next door” who just happened to be Grant’s secret high school crush) – are thrown together fourteen years later when Grant gets hired by the company where Sydney is employed. Grant can’t believe his luck, but quickly realizes that the sweet Christian girl he remembered from high school has drastically changed. Already bitter about where life has taken her, Sydney does not appreciate the memories Grant’s mere presence invokes and finds it hard to be civil.
When they are forced to go on a sales trip together, the tension mounts until their car breaks down and they’re stranded in the middle of a snowstorm. The unexpected encounter serves to start breaking down the walls that Sydney had built up over the years, and she’s surprised to uncover actual feelings for Grant. But can she find it in her heart to forgive past wrongs and restore her faith in God in order to give their relationship a chance? And will a conniving coworker threaten to destroy their hope for a happily ever after?
What’s your favorite scene from the book?
My favorite scene is probably the one that inspired the book to begin with – when Grant and Sydney’s car breaks down and they are forced to hash out their differences while huddled close to stay warm. I like watching Sydney’s guard finally come down. This is the scene when she realizes that Grant can be trusted and that much of her misery over the past several years has been due to holding her feelings inside and not trusting God to bring her joy again. Oh, and of course I also like the hot chocolate scene! 🙂
Where can readers find you?
Finally, tell us what’s next. What else are you working on?
I am hoping to have a Christmas Novella out for next Christmas, but time will tell! I also am going back through a manuscript I wrote years ago and revamping it with all the lessons and tips I’ve learned from writing and editing Blast From Her Past, so I look forward to seeing what becomes of that.

Thank you, Katy!

You can find Blast From Her Past at online retailers!

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