Meet New Author: Alice Patron

We are excited to introduce our new author, Alice Patron, and learn a little about her romance, Rachel’s Valley!


Welcome, Alice. Tell us a bit about yourself. Include a couple of facts that not a lot of people know about you.
I am a Utah native. The small town I grew up in was the perfect place for a kid – you could roam the neighborhood at night, the sledding and hiking trails were abundant, and the neighbors were neighborly. During my college years, I spent some time out of the country for work with my church, study abroad, and just for fun.  I became fluent in Spanish, which has turned out to be a blessing, because now I can communicate with my husband’s family when we visit them in Mexico.

Tell us a bit about the book that will be published by Anaiah Press.
Rachel’s Valley takes place in Colorado in the 1880s. Rachel is abandoned by her husband on the day of her wedding and forced to find work in the small mining town where she is left penniless. She applies for a position as a caretaker for two girls in Breckenridge, Colorado when she has given up on her husband ever returning for her. What she doesn’t know is that the girls’ widowed father is the man that will finally help her feel the love and appreciation no one else has ever shown her. She fights to undo her marriage before her true chance of happiness is gone.

When and why did you start writing?
I had always wondered if I could write a book, but I actually began writing about three years ago when my sister wrote a book and encouraged me to do the same.

Is this your first book? How many have you written? How many have you published?   
I have written one other book, a young adult fantasy, which I consider good practice for this book. I may go back to it someday, but it needs a lot of work still. Rachel’s Valley is the second novel I have written, but the first that will be published.

Tell us a bit about your journey to publication.
A few years ago, I was talking to my sister on the phone who was living in England. Being far away from family, she had written a regency romance novel in her free time.  She surprised us with the news that she was getting published before we even knew she was a writer!  Since that phone call, in which she encouraged me to write a novel, I had been thinking about what I could write.  A few months later, she moved back to the U.S. Pretty soon we had a weekly writing group going with several of us sisters and sisters-in-law participating. Now I will be the third in our group to get published.  It goes without saying that my book making it to publication is due in large part to my writing group.

What are some of your favorite books / authors?
Some of my favorite books are The Scarlet Pimpernel, Daddy Long Legs, The Goose Girl, Sense and Sensibility, The Blue Castle… and I’d better stop now before I think of 30 more favorites!

What are some of your favorite movies / TV shows?
I don’t really watch tv, but some of my favorite movies are Chariots of Fire, Amazing Grace, and Persuasion.

Where do you find inspiration for your books?
I get my inspiration from other stories. My young adult fantasy is based on true Mayan legends that I heard on my first visit to the Yucatan Peninsula. With Rachel’s Valley, I had just finished reading Love Comes Softly, and I wanted to have a similar romantic setting for my story. Of course, the plot and characters in Rachel’s Valley are different, but like Love Comes Softly, I wanted a sweet romance to blossom in the West between wholesome characters.

Describe your perfect day of relaxation.

I feel most comfortable and relaxed with my family. I love spending the day at home with my husband and kids. If I’m not with them, I like being with my sisters (including my sisters-in-law), watching chick flicks, seeing a fun play, or just chatting.

Where can readers learn more about you?



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