End of March #Free #YA #Kidlit #Romance Titles

We are pleased to continue to offer many of our titles for FREE! See below for more details:

3/21 – 3/25

Child of Thresh: The Third Book of Chasmaria by Lisa Dunn


Winter passes in peace, but at the first sign of spring, Grit’s village, Thresh, must prepare to defend against a vengeful army bent on annihilation. Grit will lead the children of Thresh to the safety of Castle Concord, leaving Coil and the warriors behind to face Turf’s army.
However, Turf isn’t Grit’s only enemy. Havoc still hunts her, twisting reality and showing Grit the full extent of her own wickedness. When Grit receives unexpected news from home, she must decide if keeping the promises she made to Coil, and to Thresh, is worth sacrificing her life.

3/22 – 3/26

Against All Odds by Becca Hart

against all odds 1600x2400

Two years after a violent break-in left Elizabeth Seymour widowed and with blood on her hands, she’s finally starting over in the little town of Avalon, Ohio, with her daughter, Haley. She has the house of her dreams, a good church, and friends she can rely on. Everything seems to be falling into place—until she receives a threatening note from Veronica Sadowsky, the sister of the man Elizabeth shot, the same woman who tried to ruin her life once before. This time, though, Veronica won’t stop until she gets revenge.

When Elizabeth’s home goes up in flames, she turns to family friend, Doctor Gilbert Callahan, a widowed father of three. He invites her and Haley to stay with his family. As Veronica draws Elizabeth into a game of increasing stakes, she and Gilbert only grow closer, learning to trust and rely on one another. But Elizabeth’s presence in Gilbert’s home endangers his family and creates tension with his oldest son. Preserving peace in the house is hard enough, but when Veronica comes after Haley, Elizabeth will risk everything—including her life—to get her child back.


Mackenzie Goode Makes a Mistake on the Basketball Court

by Judith Natelli McLaughlin


Eight-year-old Mackenzie Goode is at it again! This time she is on the basketball court where she meets Coach, a man who makes winning his biggest priority, and Isabella, his daughter, who plays basketball better than LeBron James. Mac is way out of her league and soon discovers she is not as good at the game as she thought. Worst of all, her best friend, Cheese, is a lot better and immediately makes the A team. Disgusted with the game of basketball and the new people in her life, Mac quits.

While quitting may turn out to be a mistake, it certainly isn’t the biggest one Mac makes. But overshadowing Mac’s blunder just may be the one Coach makes and fixing their problems is no slam dunk.

3/27 – 3/31

Her Traitor’s Heart by Colleen Hall

her traitors heart 1600x2400

For Coral Leigh, the Civil War took everything and everyone she loved: her fiancé, her brother, and her father. But when her mother dies of grief shortly after the war’s end, Coral’s plantation home, Elmwood, must be auctioned. Soon to be homeless, she fears becoming yet another casualty of the war.

Fortunately, help arrives in the handsome form of Clint Logan, a decorated general in the Union army, and part of the occupational forces stationed near her home. When the general kindly offers her employment, Coral decides her pride isn’t worth starvation.

As love blooms between them, Coral and Clint must contend with threats worse than the scrutiny of Southern society. Disenfranchised Confederate soldiers are causing trouble around town, and Coral has to face the possibility of Clint’s death in the line of duty, along with her own social ostracizating. She will have to decide if she’s ready to trust her heart’s new loyalties, even if it means forsaking everything she’s ever known.

Generation of the Last Hour by Rochele Rosa


In an underground city devoid of adults, fifteen-year-old Raquelle Granger holds the position of Council Member, and thousands of lives within City Ten rest in her hands. Unfortunately, she only has two years left until she’s supposed to join the adults on the front lines in a war that never seems to end.

But when the enemy army rolls into the area with drills, intent on destroying the city and taking no prisoners, Raquelle, together with her little brother and childhood best friend, must make a choice—Fight, or die a martyr among the Christian youth.

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