New Adventures Editor Open for Submissions!

We are pleased to introduce our newest Senior Editor, Stephanie Eding!

StephanieEdingStephanie lives in small-town Ohio with her husband, two kids, and a plethora of cats. Her first YA novel, UNANCHORED, released in April, and she continues to write and edit her little heart out every day! With her English degree, Stephanie has worked as a freelance editor for over four years, participated on the editorial side of several writing contests, and interned with Entangled Publishing. When she’s not working on book things, Stephanie volunteers at her local humane society, listens to music at uncomfortably loud volumes, and tries not to kill her vegetable garden.

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Stephanie will be working primarily in our Adventures Imprint, which means she will be acquiring and editing middle grade and early reader manuscripts.

Stephanie’s Wish list:

I love strong family themes, high stakes, and humor. Give me main characters with quirky traits and friendships that make me want to climb inside the story for a group hug! I’m a sucker for fun settings in the contemporary world or a well-built fantasy land. I love strong character arcs with impossible obstacles that make my jaw drop when the character overcomes. Awesome MG voice is a must!

Submission Guidelines:

Send a query letter and the first 10 pages of the manuscript pasted into the body of an email to: Stephanie(dot)Eding(at)AnaiahPress(dot)com

Please remember: Anaiah Press is a Christian fiction publisher and as such, all submissions must contain Christian themes and/or elements.

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