It’s All-American Pet Photo Day!

We couldn’t pass up the All-American Pet Photo Day without sharing our Anaiah family pets.

Judith Natelli Mclaughlin, author of the Mackenzie Goode series

IMG_2787Duke is an eleven-year-old West Highland White Terrier. He is a digger by nature and, in equal amounts, likes to dig in the outdoor dirt and on the indoor couch (burying his bones from friends and enemies).  If he sees you, see him,  burying a bone, he will move it!  He is part royalty with his full name being The Duke of South Mountain and all heart!

Lisa Dunn, author of the Chasmaria Chronicles seriesunnamed

“That’s your dog.”
I shook my head, laughed at the shelter employee, sharpened my resolve not to adopt a dog my husband hadn’t met. “We’re just here for a puppy fix.”
That boxer underbite gets me every time, but I was strong. I gathered the kids and walked away.
Two weeks later, without warning, my husband brought him home. Rambo. Rams. Boda. Baudelaire. We call him lots of names, but mostly we call him ours.

Becca Hart, author of Against All Odds


Bella’s a tiny kitty who likes to play, sometimes a little too roughly. She’s an indoor cat and got kind of scared the last time I tried to take her outside on a leash. My husband is her favorite person in the family

Connie Ann Michael, author of The Screamers series and The Thousand Moments series


This is Nali. Her full name is Denali. She’s my son’s dog so I guess I’m a grandma. We are now raising her as he goes in the Army. She was adopted out on the reservation where I teach. Her mom is from the Navajo reservation and her dad is Crow. Dogs on the reservation are sacred because they warned the Crow of the coming settlers and carried their possessions before horses…so the dogs run free around the area and there are many puppies so we have no idea what kind of dog she is. Just very loveable.

Laura Thomas, author of The Glass Bottom Boat

17966607_10155077037539002_6746494368630824772_o (1)“Ginger Lily” the English bulldog is the princess of the family. Clearly.
She fancies herself as a lapdog (all 55 lbs of her) and is looking forward to being an only child when the final human offspring heads to University this fall.


Carrie Dalby, author of Corroded and Fortitude

2018 June Nick

This is Nick, our family’s parakeet. We’ve had him for almost ten years. Nick is old and opinionated but has fine taste in music. We’ve never clipped his wings after bringing him home, so he’s a bit wild but will sometimes land on my desk to sit on top of my computer screen while I write.

Colleen Hall, author of Her Traitor’s Heart


My Rocky Mountain mare, “No Doubt,” is waiting for her supper.

Punky, our butterscotch tabby, is chilling.


Linda Brendle, author of A Long and Winding Road: A Caregiver’s Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos 

David and Kitty

When Kitty was just a few weeks old, she came walking out from under our back porch meowing at the top of her little lungs. We began feeding her, but she was an outside cat at first. Later, when it began to get cold, she wormed her way into the house and into our hearts. Now she is three years old, and she rules our home. The thing I love about this picture is that she is not a cuddly cat, except with David – and he doesn’t like cats, except for Kitty.

Sara Beth Williams, author of When Hearts Collide

PatchPatch is probably the fluffiest cat you’ll ever meet. He hates being inside, but loves being social with humans. He’s quite vocal when he wants attention.



Andrea Jo Rodgers, author of Saving Mount Rushmore

Cooper is our beloved 12-year-old miniature dachshund rescue.DSCN0798

Holly Cohen, author of The Christmas Angel in Apt. 3C


This is our 19 year-old sweetheart named Hana. She can’t get around as easily as she used to, but she enjoys going for a “walk” in my husband’s backpack. She purrs the whole time and sniffs at the air.



Laurie Batzel, author of With My Soul


When my husband and I started dating, I told him I had wanted a corgi ever since pet-sitting for a litter of corgi puppies as a teenager. He smiled, went into his kitchen and returned holding a mug with a picture of a corgi on it. 12 years of marriage and 4 kids later, we finally completed our dream family with Stuart “Lil Legs” Batzel this spring.

Jennifer Pierce, author of Hidden Danger

FB_IMG_1530638470107Chloe is part Australian Shepherd and we don’t know what else. She is really energetic. She enjoys chewing on everything whether it’s a 2×4, rubber mat, or Boots. She also enjoys running and playing with my kids. She has a habit of sitting on my son when he falls.


Boots is Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix. He’s our grumpy old man. He likes cuddles, snacks and being left alone. He dislikes Chloe. Passionately.



Jackie Minniti, author of Jacqueline

#1 BearBruno #2

#1 Bear, my blue and gold macaw, is a real talker. She’s managed to perfect my “angry voice.” (Sometimes my husband can’t tell which of us is yelling!)
#2 Bruno, my greenwing macaw, is a talented demolition expert. He hasn’t met a lock he can’t pick.

Stephanie Eding, author of Unanchored

Hello! My name is Isabelle Margaret Lomster Eding, Izzy for short. My mom found me out in the cold when I was just a baby, and we’ve been best friends ever since. I love to chase bugs, eat treats, and sleep on the top bunk bed.

Laurie Wood, author of Northern Deception

2017-04-21 18.13.09

The golden retriever on the left is Valour, 7.5 yrs old. The border collie mix on the left is Apollo, 4.5 yrs old. We got Valour as a puppy when my husband finished his deployment in Afghanistan. We named Apollo after his trip down to Houston’s Space Center.




We hope you enjoyed viewing our pets! What kind of pet do you have?

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