Cover Reveal: The Key to Everything by Beverly Varnado

We are happy to present our newest romance cover, The Key to Everything by Beverly Varnado!

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When nurse practitioner, Dr Genny Sanders inherits her late-grandmother’s house, she moves back to her hometown of Worthville, Georgia, determined to leave her past—and her scheming ex—behind her with a new job and new friends. But during a meeting with her grandmother’s estate attorney, David Worth, she learns of a threat to her property. A local developer wants to buy her land and demolish her house.

Genny refuses to sell, but the land developer isn’t taking no for an answer. As if personal threats aren’t bad enough, a foreclosure proceeding looms, and a fire flashes in the night. Everything Genny holds dear is threatened. If she can’t find a way to save her grandmother’s house, Genny will be forced to give up the fresh start she so desperately wants. And to complicate matters further, she’s falling for David.

While going through her grandmother’s belongings, Genny finds a mysterious key with a red ribbon. What does it fit? Could it possibly be the answer to her problems? What do the messages of love and forgiveness she keeps hearing have to do with everything? As she searches for these answers, she learns more about herself and her grandmother’s legacy than she could have ever imagined.

And now, author Beverly Varnado wants to share about writing The Key to Everything and “When You Write More Than You Know.”

One summer afternoon, I typed the last words of the last chapter of my novel, The Key to Everything. I closed my computer believing I was done for awhile thinking about forgiveness, one of the major themes in the book.

I couldn’t have possibly known in only a few hours, events would unfold to challenge me in ways I never dreamed possible. Events continuing over the next year, which would cause me, like my protagonist Genny, to face how I would deal with forgiving someone who caused me profound hurt.

I never expected to write a book and then live it. I found myself going back to the story to see how Genny dealt with the hurt―words I had penned when I wasn’t suffering from the raw edged pain. I was almost afraid to read, thinking maybe I had missed what needed to be said, that somehow I was a fraud writing about this thing I had not lived in the same way as the character in my book. But, thankfully, because I prayed over the story and turned to God’s word when I wrote it, I found comfort and help for this situation I never saw coming. I was thankful, because maybe a reader in my same circumstances might find assistance as well.

One of my favorite writing mentors, Madeleine L’Engle (author of A Wrinkle in Time), wrote, “But when the words mean even more than the writer knew they meant, then the writer has been listening.”* Oh, how glad I was to have listened, because the words were certainly more than I knew, but not more than God knows.

I am glad the writers I’ve had the privilege to meet in the Christian market pray over their work. They ask God to help them craft stories that will bring hope and healing to their readers. The power of story is strong and in God’s hands, the power is inestimable.

That’s why I can say, please read The Key to Everything releasing in September from Anaiah Press. I feel it is a story beyond me. I pray God uses it in the lives of others, just as He has in mine.

*Quote from Walking on Water, p. 15, by Madeleine L’Engle.

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Author Bio:

Beverly Varnado is a novelist, screenwriter, and blogger who lives in North Georgia with her husband. She has also written Give My Love to the Chestnut Trees which was one of ten semifinalists in Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel and Home to Currahee. Her screenplays have won several awards including being a finalist for the Kairos Prize and she currently has a screenplay in pre-production with Elevating Entertainment. She also has a nonfiction book releasing in 2018, Faith in the Fashion District.


You can reach Beverly Varnado at:






Learn more about Beverly Varnado and The Key to Everything HERE.


One thought on “Cover Reveal: The Key to Everything by Beverly Varnado

  1. The storyline sounds fantastic but I’m sorry you had to go through some difficult trials as well. Did you know there is a town named Varnado in Louisiana? It’s in Washington Parish.

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