#MusicMonday: Grief is Universal by Sara Beth Williams

Grief is universal. It transcends languages, cultures, religions.

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The spark, the very initial idea of When Hearts Collide, stemmed from the death of a student that went to my high school. He died when he fell asleep at the wheel and veered into oncoming traffic. After I attended the memorial service, I began to formulate the very skeletal beginnings of this story in my head. Over the years, it has morphed into something almost completely different, but the spark began with grief. I remember my mom reading those very early sketches over ten years ago, which were scenes out of order, with characters who weren’t even developed yet. I remember her excitement and her unwavering support. What I had was good. (even though it wasn’t from a technical standpoint)

This year, I’ve experienced more grief than most people normally experience in a ten year period. Three family deaths in one year isn’t easy. I’ve been taking it better than I thought I would, and one of the things that has helped me process is music.

Maybe because I’m a writer, I take lyrics to heart very easily. One of my favorite songs is called Caste my Cares by Finding Favor.

From the very first two lines, it spoke to me immediately. It isn’t just talking about little things. It talks about casting those gigantic worries and fears on the Lord, though it’s no easy task. The lyrics don’t make light of anything. I will always treasure this song because whenever I hear it, it reminds me that God can hold it all, but that fear, worry and struggle are normal. I don’t have to have it all together. I have a bigger God who can do that for me.

What songs have helped pull you through the hardest of times?


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Author-Photo__Sara-Beth-WilliamsAbout Sara Beth Williams:

Sara Beth Williams is a wife and mother of two daughters, living in California. She writes Contemporary Christian romance. Her debut Christian Romance, When Hearts Collide, is now available! She loves connecting with her readers! Find her on her own blog, at www.authorswilliams.wordpress.com,  On Facebook, Twitter ,  and Goodreads.


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