Cover Reveal: Saving the Statue of Liberty by Andrea Jo Rodgers

We are so excited about the next installment of Saint Michael the Archangel Academy, Saving the Statue of Liberty by Andrea Jo Rodgers! Here is the cover!

saving the statue of liberty 1600x2400.png

John Jenkins is on probation at Saint Michael the Archangel Academy. That means one wrong move on his part, and he’ll be tossed off Team Liberty like wilted lettuce on a soggy hamburger bun.   

But Team Mischief, up to their old tricks again, plans to vandalize the Statue of Liberty. Knowing his team needs him, John snags the opportunity to prove himself worthy of the academy. Together, Team Liberty must uncover clues and solve puzzles at Liberty State Park and Ellis Island as they race against the mischievous trio to save the universal symbol of freedom from harm.  

To prepare for this read, you can pick up Mission One: Saving Mount Rushmore today!

saving mount rushmore 1600x2400 (1)

Andrea Jo Rodgers Author Interview: Andrea Jo Rodgers

More about Saving Mount Rushmore COVER REVEAL: Saving Mt. Rushmore


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