Meet Sara Beth Williams, author of When Hearts Collide!

Sara Beth Williams is visiting our blog today to tell us more about herself and her new romance, When Hearts Collide.
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When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I began writing stories in 6th grade, after reading Little Women, Heidi, and some other classic novels, By Junior High, I made the goal of wanting to be published by age 30. I wrote poetry and other stories, here and there, mirroring other stories I had read as a child, but couldn’t pin down what genre I really, truly wanted to publish in.


What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

First piece of advice: Writing is hard. Don’t go into it thinking it’s easy. Second: Do not edit your first draft to death. Just get it out, get it down however you write. Write it all down, then go back over it again…and again. Don’t give up.


How has being a writer helped you as a person?

Becoming a writer has strengthened my relationship with and my faith in God. I’ve spent much of my time researching different biblical themes, and looking up verses that apply to my characters’ struggles and lives, and so many times, those verses, that research ends up applying to my life, too. Becoming a writer has also taught me tenacity. I am not a patient person by nature. If I did not believe in myself, if I did not believe God called me to do this, I wouldn’t be doing this. I can’t quit when the trail becomes rocky.


What’s more important: characters or plot?

I just had this discussion with a couple writer friends. For me, character is extremely important in my writing process. I build up a character in my head, then on paper, then write that character’s story (plot) around him or her. In the case of reading books – BOTH character and plot are important. If one of those is weak, then it drags the entire book down.


Where can readers find you?

I blog at I post book reviews, writing advice, and other random writerly fun. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, which has been a great place to interact with bookworms and writers!

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