A Maple Valley Christmas by Jerry Todt Release Day!

It’s another release day for our Anaiah Christmas Novella collection. We are happy to present A Maple Valley Christmas by Jerry Todt!

a maple valley christmas 1600x2400


Book Link: http://a.co/d/1ATRH8L

Book Blurb:

Erica Holden has been the top real estate agent in Manhattan for three years running and is days away from becoming the youngest partner in her firm’s history. All she has to do is travel to the small upstate town of Maple Valley and get the owner of a large syrup farm to sign the contract to sell. An easy task for the number one agent in New York, right? But when an accident leaves her in a ditch on the side of the road, she realizes nothing is going as planned. And to make matters worse, she’s stuck playing the damsel in distress to hunky good Samaritan, Zach Worthington.

Love has never been on her Christmas list, though. And who can blame her? After a number of disastrous dates, she realizes that finding the man of her dreams is unattainable for a career-focused woman like herself. But Zach is charming and persistent, and she quickly becomes enamored with not only him but with the small town and its friendly residents. When she discovers a shady clause hidden in the back pages of the contract, she becomes emotionally torn between doing what her boss wants and what she knows is right. Now, she must decide if a shot at true love is worth throwing away the partnership she’s worked so hard for.


Author Bio:

Jerry Todt lives in Central Virginia with his wife and three daughters. A soon-to-be first-time grandfather to identical twin boys, he is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and has worked in sales most of his life. Jerry fell in love with books at a young age, when his mother would take him to the local college library to check out books over the summer. The stories would transport him to faraway places and foster the desire to write his own books and give the gift back he received so many times as a child. You can check out the latest from him on Twitter (@todtjerry).


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