Happy National Nurses Day!

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Today is National Nurses Day! It’s the first day of a full week devoted to celebrating and honoring the nursing profession, culminating on May 12—Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all the wonderful men and women that devote their lives to this vital work. When my dad had cancer several years ago, he endured multiple hospital visits. I got to see firsthand just how hands-on and caring this amazing group of individuals are. From taking his vitals, to responding to his random needs, to chatting with friends and family in order to ease us through the difficult times we were facing, their presence was both comforting and helpful.

I also experienced their nurturing attention during both of my pregnancies. As I gave birth to my sons, it was clear the nurses weren’t just going through the motions of a job—they really cared. They encouraged me, supported me, and cared for my newborn babies with the utmost tenderness. I can’t imagine having gone through labor and delivery without them. For these experiences and more, I am truly grateful for nurses!

Emily Jenkins, the main character in my contemporary Christian romance A Heart Held Captive, is an ER Nurse. After observing one of her patients in bad shape and living in foster care, she gets the social worker’s approval to take the boy to physical therapy on her dime. That’s where she meets physical therapist Cole Pearson, who takes an immediate interest in her and her generous spirit. She is not quick to respond, but he eventually wins her over and their connection grows deep, strongly rooted in their mutual faith.

But Emily doesn’t realize the extent of issues she has yet to work through from her past, and she is unable to forgive herself for the part she played in two key tragic events in her life. Despite a fellow nurse doing her best to encourage her and speak truth into her life, and despite Cole’s efforts to steer her toward a full understanding of God’s grace, Emily retreats from Cole when tragedy strikes again. His only hope of winning her back is for God’s truth to sink deep into her soul.

Check out the official book blurb below! And be sure to share some love with all the nurses in your life today 😊


Physical therapist Cole Pearson has had his share of shallow relationships. But a year spent focusing on God opened his eyes to what he really wants in life. When he learns that ER nurse Emily Jenkins has volunteered to pay for a foster child’s therapy, he is inexplicably drawn to her generous spirit. If only he can convince her to take things beyond their casual conversations at the clinic.

Emily is a prisoner to her past mistakes and insists on paying a price God never asked her to pay. When she finally allows herself to grow closer to Cole, her faulty theology is shattered and her wounded heart begins to mend. But when tragedy strikes, Emily is sent into a tailspin. Can Cole help her grasp the freedom of God’s grace, or will she revert back to the captivity of her old ways and shut Cole out of her life for good?

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Katy Eeten lives with her husband, Jason, and their two school-age sons in southeast Wisconsin, despite her dislike of cold weather. She has a full-time office job, but her true passion is writing. In addition to A Heart Held Captive, she is the author of Christian romances Blast from Her Past and Christmas in Meadow Creek. When she’s not working or writing, she enjoys taking walks or bike rides, baking, and spending time with her family.

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