Book Marketing with Melinda: 3 Author Cross-Promotion Ideas

Cross-promotion is a great way to promote your book. Working with others can not only help your book sales and visibility, but it can also help you create camaraderie with authors just like you. Sounds great, right? Many authors would love to do this, but don’t know how to start. I’m here to help. Below find a list of creative ways to help cross promote your books:

Social Media Posts

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Social media is one of the biggest ways to promote online. Research shows that 46% of consumers have bought a product or service based off of social media influence, so it’s definitely not something you want to ignore. How do you do it? This could be a whole blog post by itself (if not a whole book!) First, you need to ENGAGE! Meet people, interact, foster relationships online. THEN you need to ask for those you engage with to like your posts, share your posts, repin, post about your books, and COMMENT on your posts/tweets. Commenting is by far the most beneficial to you, as this type of interaction brings more visibility.

Email Newsletter Trades

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An easy and free promotion tool is to trade space in author newsletters. Find a comparable author and make a deal to free up space in your newsletters for each other. It’s that simple. If you’re a romantic suspense author, team up with another romantic suspense author. If you write young adult dystopian, ask another dystopian author to host you. You could provide your author friend a book graphic with book link, or a snippet with a giveaway. The options are endless and up to you!

Join Group Giveaways/Promotion Loops

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Similar authors can join forces and run a group giveaway. Use a common theme to be your focus. Is it Christmas in July? Armed Forces day for military romances. Perhaps several children’s book authors want to promote together during Kidlit Week. The ideas could be endless. The key is for all authors to promote the giveaway and ultimately to different groups of readers/fans who love the same type of books. Giveaway items could be a copy of a back listed book or objects related to your story.

There are several ways you could organize this with others. Find other authors with your publisher. Use your local writing group or friends you meet at a conference. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to this. Here’s an example of Authors Helping Authors:

This is a Romance Cross Promotion Group for ALL genres:

A little research can go a long way as far as Facebook groups go.

Marketing and promoting your book alone is a difficult job. I challenge you to join together with others, try one of the ideas above and see how it helps. It takes practice, like any skill, and persistence. Take that step and move forward in marketing your book!

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