Meet New Author Christina Sinisi

Tell us a bit about yourself. Include a couple of facts that not a lot of people know about you. 

I’ve been writing fiction since third grade–have published a few poems, a short story, and over twenty research articles in psychology. I grew up on the family farm in the mountains of Virginia in the house where my father was born and his father died. I was horse crazy as a girl and tamed a neighbor’s Appaloosa that had grown wild with neglect. At one point, in middle school, I read a book a day, but with my need to make a living, I’ve toned it down to one every few days. 

Tell us a bit about the book that will be published by Anaiah Press. 

The Christmas Confusion is a story of two high school sweethearts who broke up after graduation because each thought the other had left. Seven years later, the hero, Nick Walsh, comes back to town a widower, but Tiffany doesn’t know that since he still wears his ring. He thinks she has a daughter, but it’s really her niece. As they untangle all the misunderstandings, they realize they never fell out of love. 

When and why did you start writing? 

I started writing poetry in third grade, a play in fifth grade, and my first (awful) novel in 8th grade. I took a lot of writing courses in college, got out, wrote my first real novel, and submitted it. When I received that first rejection, I didn’t know where else to go so concentrated on raising children and my job as a psychology professor. 

Is this your first book? How many have you written? How many have you published? 

I have written probably a dozen books by now, none of them published until now. I say probably because there are some not quite finished that may or may not count. 

Tell us a bit about your journey to publication. 

I have been so close a number of times. I was a finalist in the American Title IV contest with the Romantic Times; while I didn’t win, my manuscript was the only one besides the winner that the editors kept for further consideration only to say no eventually. One time, I made over 30 edits for a New York editor only to have her say that the book didn’t fit her line. 

What are some of your favorite books / authors? 

In Inspirational romance, I love the works of Rachel Hauck and Karen Kingsbury. In more general romance, I love Eloisa James, Debbie Maccomber, and Robyn Carr. Outside of romance, I’m a huge C.S. Lewis fan. The one book, besides the Bible, that I’ve read multiple times is Screwtape Letters

What are some of your favorite movies / TV shows? 

My all-time favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I also love “Pride and Prejudice”, the one with Kiera Knightley and that wonderful sunrise scene. Less iconic, I’m addicted to superheroes–Smallville, Marvel, you name it. 

Where do you find inspiration for your books? 

I find inspiration everywhere, but specifically in little pieces of life–mine, people I know, people I read about, anyone I meet. I’ve also had dreams that led to stories and verses from my devotions. 

Describe your perfect day of relaxation. 

I’m blessed to have a pool and a screened-in porch so my favorite day is eat a full breakfast (I love to cook, so let’s say chocolate crepes with strawberries and bacon), read, swim, repeat. 

Where can readers learn more about you?  

Facebook: ?modal=admin_todo_tour 



Instagram: csinisi123 

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