Cover Reveal: With My Soul by Laurie Batzel

We are thrilled to present our newest romance cover, With My Soul by Laurie Batzel!

Betrayed by her husband, Willa Jane Wilson and her daughter are left penniless and alone in post-war Germany. She returns to her hometown in rural North Carolina and prays that a new beginning will soothe the anger still raging inside her heart. But no matter how many miles Willa Jane puts between her and her shame, the peace she seeks is drowned out by ignorance and abandonment. 

Her saving grace comes in the form of a new opportunity that she can’t pass up. Tasked with caring for children at a local orphanage, she dedicates herself to transforming the financially-strapped institution into a real home filled with love and faith. But when her fundraising mission lands her in the middle of Raleigh’s glittering social scene, she encounters PJ Townshend, a handsome young lawyer with a dedication to service that matches her own.  There’s only one problem: PJ is on track to change the country from its political epicenter—Washington D.C.—and the closer they grow to one another, the farther apart their worlds seem to be taking them.

When a natural disaster of Biblical proportions threatens to part them for good, it also puts the orphanage and everything Willa Jane has worked for in peril. An offer for help arrives from the most unexpected source. Accepting it will require forgiveness of the past…but it might also reunite her with the person her heart desires most.

About the Author:

Laurie Batzel is an author of contemporary and historical romance who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With My Soul is her first published fiction. You can find her non-fiction essays on,, and the print edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels All Around. When she’s not writing, reading, or continuing her quest to perfect her chocolate chip cookie recipe, Laurie can be found walking in
the woods outside her home with her four beautiful children and their devotedly vigilant corgi, Stuart. To read more of her ramblings on parenting, writing or random song parodies, go to her blog at

You can find Laurie Batzel on social media at these links:





One thought on “Cover Reveal: With My Soul by Laurie Batzel

  1. Congrats Laura! And let me say, I love the fact that your novel takes place in Raleigh, NC…as I currently live here!

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