Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from the Decade!

As a year comes to an end, and a new one begins, we always like to look at what went well in the past. Now, after a decade, there’s some deep reflection being made. After scouring our blog and social media posts, we’ve come to find trends and popular posts.

Here’s a run down for 2019: We had 118 posts, incorporating a total of 65,157 words (Wow! That’s a whole book!). We’ve had the most likes on our posts more this year than any other year! (Yay!) Our comments are down, so we’d love to have a chat with you! Please comment away!

Overall, we have so many great posts between 2014 (opening year of our blog) – 2019 that we wanted to reshare our most popular writing tips blog posts from the last decade. If there’s something good, why not revisit it? We will share daily on social media for ten days and we’d love to hear from you. Did you like the posts? What message did you get out of it? How has it helped? Can we move on with this in 2020?

And here we go…

Top Post #1: How NOT to Write Middle Grade Fiction by Jackie Minniti JULY 18, 2018

Top Post #2: Coffee Time with Kara: Submission Guidelines Pt. II APRIL 16, 2018

Top Post #3: Five Ways to Write a Memoir Without Being Disowned by Linda Brendle MAY 28, 2014

Top Post #4: Q – Query Letter by Kara Leigh Miller APRIL 20, 2017

Top Post #5: From the Desk of Kara Leigh Miller (Deal Breakers) MAY 1, 2014

Top Post #6: Rejection from Both Sides of the Desk by Lisa Dunn JULY 25, 2018

Top Post #7: So, What is Christian Romance Anyway? by Kara Leigh Miller and Jody Holford MARCH 1, 2016

Top Post #8: N – No (Why an Editor Rejects a Manuscript) by Kara Leigh Miller APRIL 17, 2017

Top Post #9: Coffee Time With Kara: Clean vs. Christian Fiction by Kara Leigh Miller FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Top post #10: How to Self Promote on Social Media by Jennifer Pierce NOVEMBER 13, 2018

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from the Decade!

  1. These Top Ten were all wonderful, informative posts. Everyone’s looking for that “secret sauce” on what editors/publishers are looking for and Anaiah’s posts have filled that niche with blogs like “What’s Christian Fiction Anyway?” and ” N – No (Why an Editor Rejects a Manuscript”, two of my personal favourites.
    Maybe for 2020 do a bi-monthly blog on writing tips/publishing tips? 🙂

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