Writing Tips Roundup!

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

We have some oldies but goodies to share with you today. Our blog has been around for many years and we have some great posts that are too good to be buried in the dust. Find our most popular Writing Tips blog posts below!

Engaging Emotions by Penelope Powell and Kara Leigh Miller

Five Query Essentials by Kara Leigh Miller

Five Ways to Write a Memoir Without Being Disowned by Linda Brendle

Four Tips for Self Editing by Kara Leigh Miller

How NOT to Write Middle Grade Fiction by Jackie Minniti

How to Self Promote on Social Media by Jennifer Pierce

Rejection from Both Sides of the Desk by Lisa Dunn

Ten Must Have Elements Your Website Needs to Impress Readers by Sara Beth Williams

Three Author Cross-Promotion Ideas by Melinda Dozier

Top 5 Online Tools New Authors Need to Build a Platform by Sara Beth Williams

When You Need to See Again by Beverly Varnado

Writing Tips by Julie Arnold

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