How High Country Dilemma Was Born by Dena Netherton

A few years ago, my husband and I took a day off to drive through the Colorado high country. We motored west on Interstate 70, passing Idaho Springs, headed for Loveland Pass. The mountainsides, thick with spruce, were blanketed in white after last night’s snow. And under the onslaught of a Rocky Mountain blazing sun, the snow-clad trees glittered as if decked in millions of diamonds.

Up until this moment we had both been observing the mountain grandeur in silence. But, simultaneously, an “ahh” burst out of our lips. My husband pulled over and parked so we could savor the spectacular scene before us.

Ahead, lay the Frazier valley and the tiny ski town of Frazier. Twenty minutes later we had parked in downtown Frazier in search of a cute and/or interesting lunch spot. Later, as we munched on our burgers, an attractive couple seated themselves nearby. He was tall, handsome, and burly, and she was blonde and adorable. Immediately, I felt a story begin to brew. It had to take place here, in the romantic Frazier valley. He’d be a firefighter, and she’d be a city girl, an artsy girl, hired to direct a theatrical production.

And that’s how the idea for High Country Dilemma began. In my fictional town of Pine Ridge, an old opera house becomes the setting where Fallon Hart and Lucas O’Farrell try hard not to fall in love . . . and fail!

About the Book:

Fallon Hart has landed her dream job–directing the annual melodrama, Miss May’s Dilemma. But when Fallon arrives in Pine Ridge, Colorado, she finds her new apartment in flames. To make matters worse, her manager wants her to sing an impossible solo. Her family wants her to give up the theater and join the family jewelry business. And her selfish, controlling ex-fiancé wants her back. The biggest dilemma of all, though, is trying to make everyone happy.

Handsome firefighter, Lucas O’Farrell, is searching for his soul-mate, a lady who’ll share his love of the mountains, small-town living, and kids. He knows exactly what he doesn’t want: a sophisticated city girl like Fallon. But when they are cast as sweethearts in the melodrama, the attraction is hard to deny.  Before he realizes it, he’s falling for her—hard—and it’s possible she’s starting to love him, too. But is love worth the risk if the she’s planning to return to Denver at the end of the season?

About the Author:

Dena Netherton is the author of both Christian Romance and Christian Suspense fiction. Born and raised in northern California, she was educated at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, the University of Michigan, and the University of Northern Colorado. Her many musical experiences as both a performer and teacher have provided her with delicious memories from which to draw when developing new characters and writing compelling stories. Look for the first of her new Christian thriller trilogy, Haven’s Flight, ( out of Write Integrity Press) to come out in the the spring of 2017. Also, expect to see her new Romance novel, High Country Dilemma, (out of Anaiah Press) in the summer of 2017. You follow Dena on her websiteAmazonFacebook, and Twitter.

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