Meet author Rachelle Paige!


Tell us a bit about yourself. Include a couple of facts that not a lot of people know about you. 

In addition to writing, I’m blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to two sons (ages 9 and 6). I love history, art museums, and travelling. All three combined when I moved to London, UK, and earned a master’s degree in Art History. Not a lot of people know that while overseas, I rented a room in a girl’s dormitory run by an order of Maltese nuns, the Sisters of St. Dorothy. They were wonderful and helped me navigate through homesickness. I don’t know how I would have lasted on the year-long program without them.

Tell us a bit about the book that will be published by Anaiah Press.  

Her Hometown Dream follows Amy Parker. Raised by her maternal aunt and uncle, she grew up in a small Midwest town but her career prospects for historic preservation are on the east coast. While home for a short visit, she learns the mansion that sparked her passion for old things is for sale. What seems like a perfect opportunity starts an unforeseen journey of forgiveness.

When and why did you start writing? 

I’ve been writing since childhood. During my second pregnancy, I started treating my work more seriously. I wanted to show my kids what working hard to achieve a dream looks like.

Is this your first book? How many have you written? How many have you published?    

Her Hometown Dream will be my eighth published novel. I have written over twenty, but not everything is meant to be published. Some projects are valuable because of the lessons learned in the process. The first time I heard an author I admired offer a similar explanation, I was shocked. As I’ve continued in my career, I appreciate the truth in the sentiment. I’ve learned pacing, plotting, and character development hands-on with each work.

Tell us a bit about your journey to publication.  

I describe my journey to publication as perseverance. I have a rejection folder stuffed with no, thank you responses. At the time, each no stung. As I continue, I understand I wouldn’t have been ready for a yes. I do believe in trusting in His timing, especially when faith is hard. 

What are some of your favorite books / authors? 

I love Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion, Teri Wilson’s Alaskan Wilderness series, Lynette Eason, Catherine Lanigan, Wrapped Up In Christmas by Janice Lynn, and A Timeless Christmas by Alexis Stanton.

What are some of your favorite movies / TV shows?
My current favorite movies and TV shows are almost exclusively PBS or Hallmark Channel. I love the Hallmark movies (especially Countdown to Christmas) and the series based on When Calls The Heart. I love PBS’s NOVA and Masterpiece. I’ve been watching PBS since childhood (we didn’t have cable), and I value the family-appropriate shows on both channels so I don’t have to be worried about what my kids might see.

Where do you find inspiration for your books?
Inspiration for my books comes in many different forms. Sometimes, I’m sparked by replaying an event and thinking what if a different choice was made. Other times, I read a short feel-good news article and an idea is sparked by hope and kindness. Her Hometown Dream was partially inspired by my childhood dream to work in historic preservation (I volunteered as a docent at a house museum for a brief time in high school).

Describe your perfect day of relaxation. 

My perfect day of relaxation is a little different since the start of 2020. I would love to sit outside on a bench at our nearby botanic garden. With a good book and a notepad, I’d read and write near the conifer garden, listening to the rushing waterfall nearby and smiling at other patrons. Won’t it be lovely to smile at each other again?

 Where can readers learn more about you?

My website,, has a blog, a link to my books, and a sign-up for my newsletter. 

My favorite social media is Instagram,

I’m also on Facebook:

And I’m on Twitter:

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  1. The feeling to work on watching your dreams become reality is surreal.Isn’t it?

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