#FreeBookFriday: A Sinking Star by Chrissy Dennis

Buy any 2 print books from anaiahpress.com TODAY and we’ll include a copy of A Sinking Star by Chrissy Dennis.

A Sinking Star by Chrissy Dennis

Book Blurb:

At 17 years old, Evie Boone just wants to survive high school and keep her sisters safe. When their broken mother returns home after disappearing for weeks, nothing Evie can do will keep the cops from messing with her plan to lay low. Worse, there’s nothing she can do to stop the father who walked out on her and her sisters nine years ago from opening his home to them.

As Evie wrestles to salvage her crumbling life, her father and his new family pursue Evie with a gentle love the likes of which she’s never known. Are they for real, or is it all an act? Can she ever go back to the life she knew before her mother’s arrest? And if she’s honest with herself, does she even want to anymore?

About the Author:

Chrissy M. Dennis lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her calico kitty and her foster children. She is a Youth Pastor and is down with learning all the newest lingo, like “lit”, “bet” and “are you ill” (though she doesn’t really understand what it all means). Chrissy also loves to read, crochet, and of course, write, trusting the Lord will use her books for the glory of God and the growth of His kingdom through the healing work of the Gospel.

Website: www.chrissymdennis.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/chrissymdennis

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chrissymdennis

Also by Chrissy Dennis:

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