My best friend made me do it (Becoming a published author)

Guest post by Ann Brodeur

What do Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller and Rachel Green; Anne Shirley and Diana Barry; Christopher Robbin and Pooh; Elizabeth Bennett and Charlotte Lucas; Rachel Bishop, Melody Johansson and Analyn Sanchez have in common?

Friendships we all love watching play out in their fictional worlds. And I’m sure there’s a host of other answers you can come up with.

It was the fall of my thirteenth year when I stepped into the church’s youth room where a tall, bubbly sixteen year old with a personality larger than life had come to check things out. Completely opposite to my dangerously shy, medium-build, clumsy self, this awkward first meeting was the beginning of a life-long friendship that has made my life so much richer.

And it is partly because of this friendship, I am a published author today.

Heather’s one of those friends found in favourite sitcoms or novels. She’s a beautiful woman both inside and out, who lives out her faith and I have the blessed privilege of calling her my best friend.

Me and Heather in Scotland, 2009.

As long as I’ve known her, I’ve had this dream of one day becoming a published author. I would talk about it every so often and her encouraging response would go something like this: “So – write already! Get ‘er done!” But it wasn’t until three years ago she really gave me the shove I needed to start writing as a serious novelist. I was visiting on a rare occasion (since thousands of miles separate us) when I spied a pile of books on her overflowing bookshelf with a theme I hadn’t given much thought to since becoming a mom – how to write a novel. Instead of letting me silently peruse her pile and leave it at that, Heather began pulling out more resources (ahem -writing magazines and such) and piled them in my suitcase.

“You might need these.”

And then she laughed.

Just the start of my writing craft book collection, 2018)

Since then, she’s been my sounding board for story ideas, a beta reader, a critique partner and the cheerleader in my corner. She’s the first one to tell me my idea or draft doesn’t work or my word choices are lame. She’s reminded me why I write and Who I write for when I’ve forgotten those things myself.

It’s one of many aspects of our friendship I appreciate. So here’s to many more plotting conversations and brutally honest critiques.

How about you? Do you have someone in your life that has encouraged you to do something you’ve always longed to do?

More about Ann

I’m married to my own hero and am Maman to four beautiful children, one set of identical twins. Our story is a modern-day romance: we met online through a Christian dating site (maybe that idea will make it into a book someday!) We are both avid readers. When we moved from our apartment to our house, the movers complained we didn’t own a TV for entertainment – just boxes of books. I’m not sure what they would say now, since we’ve added a few more filled bookshelves to our collection. 

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