Glazed Suspicion: By Allison Pearl

Glazed Suspicion by Allison Pearl: Love and Danger in St. Claire #1

By Allison Pearl

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Available in ebook and print

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

About the book

After escaping a life marred by crime, Nicole Appleton flees to small town Saint Claire and starts a business of her own. She still craves forgiveness and maybe a family, but could anyone love her once they discover she sugar-coated her past?

When sheriff’s deputy, Josh Bennet, arrives on the scene of a break-in at the local doughnut shop, he finds evidence incriminating his not-so-secret-crush. Is the fair beauty being framed or is she the mastermind trafficking drugs through his hometown? When things turn deadly, Josh must discover who the real villain is before it’s too late. And he’s praying that it’s not her.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Lord, please don’t let her be there.

              Deputy Josh Bennet always drove fast when responding to a burglary-in-progress call, but on this trip, his heart seemed to outpace his tires on his Nadine-County Sheriff’s Department patrol car. Gripping the steering wheel, Josh watched his whitened knuckles turn from red to blue and back again with the flashing of his lights as he struggled to hear the blaring siren over the pounding of his heart.

              The ready-to-be-harvested cornfields shook in the periphery of his high beams, zipping by his window along the winding dirt roads that he’d been patrolling throughout the night .Fallen leaves blew across his windshield as he sped toward Apple’s Fritters—St. Claire, Pennsylvania’s beloved doughnut shop in the small but bustling center of town.

              The dashboard clock read 3:45. Just five minutes earlier, Mike Whitaker, one of the only two city police officers, had radioed for an assist during what had been just another boring Friday morning graveyard shift. Mike had been out in the hills when dispatch alerted him to a 911 call by an unnamed woman saying one sentence before hanging up. They’re robbing the doughnut shop.

              Josh didn’t know how early Nikki Appleton, the shop’s owner, arrived to start her day but, if she showed up in the middle of a robbery, more important things than locks might be broken. And there was no way Josh would let that happen.

The Love and Danger in St. Claire Series by Allison Pearl!

About Allison Pearl

Allison Pearl is a small-town girl who’s lived just about everywhere. She loves books, tea, chocolate, and watching old movies with her husband and black lab, Sal. To keep in touch and get updates on new releases follow her Facebook page ‘Books by Pearl’ at or follow her on Twitter at @AllisonPearl5 and Instagram at @allisonnicolepearl 

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