Author Interview with Beverly Varnado

What is your favorite holiday movie and why? 

I would be hard pressed to choose just one holiday movie. I love the nostalgia of White Christmas and all that snow. I watch the movie of the children’s book, Eloise at Christmas, every year. I used to travel to New York City for my job several times a year and the Christmas scenes of the city in the movie always take me back. Plus Eloise makes me laugh so hard. And who doesn’t love It’s a Wonderful Life? It’s a hopeful story that never loses its appeal.

Do you have a favorite book based around the holidays? (besides your own amazing book of course!) Tell us why it’s your favorite.

I get out Jan Karon’s lovely Christmas story, Shepherds Abiding, every year and I also reread a short story by Madeleine L’Engle, “An Austin Family Christmas.” It reminds me of what Christmas should be about. And of course, there’s the most important story in Luke 2.

What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

 One of my favorite things about Christmas is preparing my Operation Christmas Child boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. I purchase items all year from end of season sales, back to school promotions, and craft stores so that my sister and I can go in together to prepare about 25 boxes for boys and girls all over the world. For me taking those boxes to our church on collection day is a high point in my year and reminds me that it is such a blessing to be able to give.

What do want readers to take away from your Christmas Novella story? (You can insert the title of the book if you’d like)

 During this challenging time, I hope the readers of A Season for Everything take away hope and joy. My characters, Catherine and Collin, have recently faced major difficulties and wrestle with finding a new season in their life. Many of us may have Christmases this year that will look very different from previous ones, but we can still find joy despite the circumstances.

Was there anything in your book inspired by real life experiences?

Yes, there is a scene in the book inspired by a real-life situation. My husband and I occasionally have the opportunity to spend time in a large wildlife area. We had heard the endangered Red Cockaded woodpecker nested there. So, one morning at daybreak, our hosts guided us to a spot where we could see these rare woodpeckers. I will never forget the wonder of this experience and it inspired the scene where Collin and Catherine also spot the woodpecker.

What’s the most important thing about the Christmas season?

I believe the most important thing about Christmas is Jesus. I pray that God would even use the challenges of these difficult days to help us focus on Him more and keep Him at the center of everything we do. 


Despite the glowing gaslights, festive wreaths, and holiday cheer that covers the town of Worthville, Catherine Todd is far from being in the Christmas spirit. She continues to wrestle with the losses that shattered her heart two years earlier, and while shopping for her kids, her overreaction to a disappointment confirms what she already knows―she’s stuck in her grief.

Children’s book author Collin Donnelly shows up in Worthville for a signing, but when an abrupt first interaction with local resident, Catherine, doesn’t go well, he wonders if he made a mistake coming to this small town. Eager to make amends, he soon learns they share a common interest in birding, and he invites her on an adventure that turns out to be filled with unexpected wonder for both of them.

They soon find themselves working together to save an endangered bird, and the more time they spend together, the more Catherine is drawn to Collin. But there are forces mounting against them having a relationship, including Catherine’s reluctance to embrace the future, a difficult secret in Collin’s past, and an alliance Collin has with his agent, who clearly doesn’t want to remain his former girlfriend.

Can they trust that, through God, there really is a season for everything. 

About the author

Southern writer, Beverly Varnado is a novelist, screenwriter, and blogger who writes to give readers hope in the redemptive purposes of God.  She lives in Georgia with her husband, Jerry, and their chocolate Aussiedor who is outnumbered by several cats. Jerry and Beverly have three children and two grandchildren.

Readers may find Beverly on One Ringing Bell, peals of words on faith, living, writing, and art at Also  at , on Facebook author page, Twitter @VarnadoBeverly, or Beverly Varnado on Instagram

A Season for Everything is part of a series of small town romances set in Worthville, Georgia. The Key to Everything and A Plan for Everything are other books in the series.

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