#MSWLMonday February

Welcome back to another #MSWLMonday post! Today, we have our YA editors, Lisa Dunn and Laura Maisano, sharing their wish lists. 


Send me your funny Contemporary Young Adult. I second Kara Leigh Miller’s desire to find something in the vein of Sean McMurray’s THE TRUTH ABOUT ROMANTIC COMEDIES, a manuscript I couldn’t put down and that made me laugh and cry, even after multiple readings. I’d love a fun, quirky, Christian version of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, maybe in the context of a community service project instead of detention. I’m also game for some homeschool co-op hijinks, provided homeschooling is portrayed in a way that is honest (some homeschoolers are weirdos) but universally relatable (most homeschoolers are a lot like the rest of the world).

On a quieter note, I’d love a friendship breakup story, along the lines of WHEN YOU WERE EVERYTHING. Show the slow heartbreak of a friendship falling apart and the cautious hope of new friendships emerging from unexpected quarters. Stories about learning to live with grief will always catch my eye, but I want them raw, beautiful, and ultimately uplifting.

For fantasy, I want something simple, yet lovely. If you could have written your manuscript with Passenger’s “Simple Song” playing in the background, I might be a good editor for you. Honestly, if you’ve written anything with a Passenger vibe, contemporary or fantasy, go ahead and send it my way.

If your manuscript has not been critiqued and polished, please take the time to do that prior to submitting. I’m in a very selective mood right now, and I want you to have the best chance of impressing me!

To query Lisa, please send a query letter and first 10 pages of the manuscript pasted into the body of the email to: lisa.dunn@anaiahpress.com


I’m looking for some wonderful out-of-the box YA sci-fi, something that makes you think. Of course I’m always on the hunt for a fantasy, a contemporary fantasy with Christian themes would be great! Even after all this time, I still haven’t found my sibling story. I’d be thrilled to find something with the epic heartstring pull of Fullmetal Alchemist or Frozen where the sibling relationship takes center stage in a fantasy/sci-fi setting.

To query Laura, please send a query letter and first 10 pages of the manuscript pasted into the body of the email to: laura.maisano@anaiahpress.com

Now, a few query tips to help ensure your book gets seen by our editors…

  1. Only send submissions that fit within the above wish list. Please note that at this time we are not looking for any contemporary romance, memoirs, non-fiction, picture books, or chapter books. Should you send us these, we will respond with a form rejection.
  2. Send a query letter and the first 10 pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of an email. We do not open unsolicited attachments, and this is the quickest way to receive a rejection.
  3. Remember: Anaiah Press is a Christian fiction publisher and as such, all of our books are required to contain positive faith elements. 
  4. Don’t send us books that contain nudity, sexual situations, profanity, gratuitous violence, religious and/or social intolerance, and/or non-Christian elements such as werewolves, vampires, etc. 

So, polish up those manuscripts and send them our way. We can’t wait to read them!

Questions about our guidelines or acceptable content? Drop them in the comments and we’ll swing on by to answer them.

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