Cover Reveal: Hesitant Heroes

Coming 9.7.21!

About the Book

In a future where the planet is ruled by the powerful Global Collective Council, and religion is outlawed, Jordan Scott is chosen to attend Global Collective University because of her phenomenal computer skills.  Shy and insecure, she has difficulty fitting in with the intelligent, worldly teens at GCU. She joins a secret Bible study and meets Matthew Thomas, a good-looking jock with a big heart. Jordan’s relationship with Matthew grows deeper, and she even manages to bond with her cranky roommate while growing closer to her fellow teammates.   

When Christian students mysteriously start disappearing from campus, Jordan stumbles upon the shocking truth—these students are pawns in a government plot, and she’s next on their list. Suddenly, she’s forced into a leadership position as she and her teammates journey from the European Alps to the jungles of Venezuela in a race to save the missing students and stop a political assassination. Fighting fears that have haunted her for years, Jordan battles with the strongest political force on the planet. She believes God placed her at GCU for “such a time as this.” Jordan will have to rely on her faith and friends to save the missing students and foil the evil government. 

About the author

Sharon Rene is a legal assistant who loves cats, and writing. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee where she has taught Sunday school in the children’s and youth departments for over fifteen years. In 2018 her book of short stories for children entitled A Mixed Bag of God’s Grace was published. She’s also published numerous flash fiction stories.  

As an only child, Sharon has always been very close to her parents. She spent a lot of time reading and developed a huge imagination which she now channels into writing.  

Church has always been an important part of Sharon’s life and she’s participated in mission trips to Argentina, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Sharon could vividly picture the wild beauty of the country as she wrote the Venezuela scenes in Hesitant Heroes.  

Sharon has lived in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. She currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.  

Sharon is grateful that God has given her the opportunity to reach young people with her words and hopes her writings will help them grow closer to God.  





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