Release Day: The Fourth Grade Flip, Warrior’s Heart, and Her Hometown Dream

Anaiah Press is proud to present three brand new releases. The Fourth Grade Flip by Judith Natelli McLaughlin, Warrior’s Heart by Colleen Hall and Her Hometown Dream by Rachelle Paige Campbell. All are now available on Amazon and in print.

The Fourth Grade Flip by Judith McLaughlin

About the book

When fourth-grader Ingenium Martin becomes fed up with her nickname, Ingenium the Genius, she sets out to shake things up. Along the way, though, she discovers a bigger problem in her school: she’s not the only kid forced to wear an unwanted label. With the help of her former nemesis, Caitlin Janes, the girls conduct a social experiment that will flip the entire fourth grade upside down. 

Now Available

About the Author

Author Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Judith Natelli McLaughlin is an author known for the Mackenzie Goode chapter book series. She writes across genres including romance, women’s fiction, middle grade and chapter books. The element that ties her books together is character—her fictional worlds including everyone from your mother, sister, brother, father, aunt, uncle, best friend, teacher, nemesis and perhaps even your favorite school principal—all people you can relate to. Her hope is that when you finish one of her books, her characters are the ones you hate to let go of. In her free time she reads, knits (mostly shawls, hats, scarfs and blankets since her sweaters inevitably end up with one long and one short sleeve), and spends long, lazy days with her family on the beaches of New Jersey. 

Twitter: @judynmclaughlin 

Instagram: @judithnatellimclaughlin 

Book 3 in the Frontier Hearts Saga

Warrior's Heart by Colleen Hall

About the book

Della Hunter is struggling to adjust to her new life as a widow and be a single parent to her young son. Her world is further complicated when the man she almost married seven years before rides back into her life.

Wild Wind, her late husband’s half-brother, is a Cheyenne chieftain and a Dog Soldier of fearsome reputation. He no longer fights the soldiers, but he can’t tolerate a life on the reservation, so he makes the dangerous trek into the white man’s world. He comes to the Slash L looking for work. As he takes his brother’s place training horses on the Slash L ranch, he must navigate two cultures and make his way in a society hostile to the tribes. During the years they were separated, his love for Della never wavered. While she grieves for Shane, he determines to woo and win her. Can he bridge the gap between his two worlds, and can he find it in his heart to love Della’s God as she does?

Now Available

About the Author

Colleen Hall wrote her first story in third grade and wrote as a hobby all during her growing-up years. She was born in New England but moved South to attend college. She married a Southerner and has lived half of her life in the South. This helped her to see both sides of the issues of the Civil War. In Her Traitor’s Heart, she was able to combine her love of writing with her love of history. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, horseback riding, reading, and browsing antique stores. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and family, three horses, and two spoiled cats.

Her Hometown Dream

About the book

Amy Parker returns to her hometown for a two-week visit before moving on to take a job she really doesn’t want. But when the historic mansion that sparked her passion for history hits the market, she thinks she’s finally  found a way to stay for good. With the help and support of family and friends, Amy sets out to make her lifelong dreams come true.  

The tenth anniversary of the tragic death of Jake Grant’s best friend is fast approaching, and all he wants to do is create a charity to honor him. Too bad Jake has no idea what he’s doing. To make matters worse, the woman he holds responsible for his friend’s death is back in town, and she doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.  

Jake and Amy need each other’s help, so they forge a professional relationship to get what they both want—Amy has the skills necessary to complete the charity paperwork, and Jake can approach the mansion’s owner on her behalf. Professionalism quickly morphs into something more, though, and old feelings resurface. As they grow closer, a shocking revelation forces Jake and Amy to make sense of the past if they have any hope of a future together.  

Now Available

About the Author

 Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance filled with heart and hope. No matter the location—big city, small town, or European kingdom—her feel-good stories always end with a happily ever after. She’s grateful for the support of her family, her robot floor cleaner, and her reluctant writing partner (her dog). 

For the latest updates, check out her website: 

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