Release Day: Fall From the Heart Romances

Looking for a sweet new fall read? We’ve got you covered!

Anaiah Press is proud to present three brand new releases. Midnight Blue by Suzie Waltner, The Autumn Keepsake by Michelle S. Lowe, and Her One in a Million, the final installment in the Home to Harmony series by Rachelle Paige Campbell. All are now available in eBook and in print.

The Midnight Blue book cover featuring a blonde woman and a man in a cowboy hat hugging in front of a ranch pasture

Midnight Blue

A series of heartbreaking setbacks behind her, Scarlett Sykes is now focused on creating the best life possible for her daughter. One where innocence and joy is not colored by rejection or loss. While finances are tight and Scarlett’s job isn’t ideal for a single mother, her child will always know she’s loved. Especially since Harmony’s father wanted nothing to do with them. 

As lead singer and the face of a successful country band, Jake Turnquist’s closest friends depend on him, but life in the spotlight is quickly losing its appeal. At a party celebrating another accomplishment, he’s stunned to discover Scarlett assisting the caterer. Almost ten years have passed, but he’s never forgotten his first love.

In the hours after a surprise revelation, Jake scrambles to orchestrate a way to spend time with Scarlett and Harmony—the family he’s always wanted but never knew he had. He once gave her up to pursue his music. What will he have to surrender to win her back?

The Autumn Keepsake book cover featuring an attractive young couple smiling at each other while standing under branches of autumn leaves in front of a field of autumn grass

The Autumn Keepsake

Fresh out of a broken engagement, Tessa Stanley is in desperate need of a distraction from her ex-fiancé’s betrayal—and she finds it in the form of a man lurking around her 84-year-old neighbor’s home. Little does she know when she calls the police, the trespasser is none other than Nicholas Beck, local fireman and her neighbor’s great-nephew. Talk about a bad first impression! 

Thankfully, Nicholas shows her the beauty of grace and forgiveness, and as the seasons turn, the two grow closer. But when her ex shows up on her doorstep, begging for forgiveness, Tessa might be at risk of losing more than just her heart.

The Her One in a Million book cover featuring a quaint small-town street at dusk

Her One in a Million

While renovating the MacKinnon mansion, Samantha Holt discovers three prized ceramics in a wall. The one in a million find could provide much needed funds for the restoration—and her family’s struggling auction business. She calls a Chicago expert for a second opinion. 

Zachary Reynolds arrives with his five-year-old daughter in tow, intending to leave with the vases immediately. Partly because the pottery won’t reach its six-figure potential in a small-town sale, but mostly because the ceramics will secure his job in an impending merger with a larger firm—and he needs that guaranteed stability for his daughter. 

Sam and Zach both need the pottery for very personal reasons, but only one can emerge victorious. As they research the history of the pieces and the mansion, however, the best choice isn’t clear-cut. Add in romantic feelings neither of them expected and things become even more complicated. With the odds stacked against them, can they both achieve the financial and personal success they crave?

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