Release day: Check out these Epic YA releases from Anaiah Press

If Epic YA fiction is your thing, you’ve come to the right place.

Anaiah Press is proud to present 2 brand new releases and the rerelease of 4 of our most popular YA books. Now available in eBook and in print.

Defying Destiny

Book 3 in the Divine Destiny Chronicles by Sharon René

In 2042, twenty-year-old Sierra Stone leads a group of Irish rebels in an attempt to stop Hunter and River Wallis from conquering the planet. With her rebel forces severely outnumbered and unable to match the Wallis’ weaponry, country after county falls to the powerful brother-and-sister duo, but Ireland refuses to surrender. Until Sierra is captured by the enemy. 

Imprisoned in an ancient castle, Sierra faces the biggest challenges of her life. River Wallis wants her dead, and Hunter wants to win her heart. She knows how to fight River, but her battle skills prove useless against Hunter’s charm. Now, Sierra must decide if she’s fighting for her personal freedom or for world peace. No matter what choice she makes, one thing is certain—for the first time ever, the Irish rebel may face defeat.

Return to Maren

The final installment in the Exiled Trilogy by Katherine Barger

The exiles escaped from Burgus—the most notorious prison in America—and fled to the safety of Fortune’s Fall. But Nyssa Ardelone stayed behind with the hopes that she can convince the president that the exiles mean him no harm—despite his prophetic dreams that have convinced him otherwise. With a fake dream implanted into his dream recorder, Nyssa’s confident she can make him believe that his survival is conditional on the exiles’ safe return to Maren. But the task proves harder than she anticipated when she discovers the dream has sound in it, something that’s never happened in any previous prophetic dream. Suspicious, the president becomes more unpredictable than ever before, and if Nyssa can’t figure out why the dream has sound, reuniting with her family and friends in Maren might prove impossible. 

With the help of an unexpected friend, Nyssa uncovers the truth behind the sound as well as long-buried secrets about the president’s past, a past that the president will do anything to keep hidden, including the total annihilation of the exiles. To protect the exiles and ensure their safe return to Maren, Nyssa will confront the president one final time, and its outcome will either give her everything she ever wanted, or destroy everyone she loves.

Soul Hacker

by Sarah Rosinski

In a ruined world, mankind survives in a society that values intelligence above all else. Recent graduate Anna has earned an esteemed position working in genetic science, but risks it all smuggling restricted goods to her less fortunate foster sister. Anna is caught at the border crossing, where a militant guard promises he’ll overlook her crime in exchange for slides of altered DNA she must steal from the lab. 

When chaos erupts, Anna escapes into the depths of the city among an underground community with a revolution on its agenda. Now, not only is she a smuggler and a thief, but she’s also a traitorous rebel. Her crimes have taken her further than she ever intended and out of touch with the sister she desperately wants to save. 

Her struggle to make things right spins out of control when she collides with a man from the life she left behind. He hides powerful secrets. Convincing him to help her prevent the government from culling the people she’s grown to love will take much more than the underhanded scheming she’s relied upon in the past.

The Complete Chasmaria Chronicles

by Lisa Dunn

Once upon a time, so long ago that no one remembers, peace ruled Chasmaria. Now, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. When sixteen-year-old Grit fails to complete the test that will grant her all the rights of a citizen of the village of Thresh, she finds herself more alone than ever, her lifelong dream of becoming a champion warrior dashed and the gates of Thresh forever closed. 

But Thresh is not all of Chasmaria. Deep in the Southern Realm lives a timeless King who is calling people all across Chasmaria to his side, some to fight and all to heal. Though Grit runs from him, she cannot shake his promise that truth, goodness, and beauty will emerge from her suffering, nor can she avoid running into his associates, including a girl who introduces her to the word “friend,” a young warrior who looks remarkably like her father, and a blind pearl diver who sees her more clearly than she sees herself.

As Grit becomes increasingly entangled with Kinsmon and his friends, she discovers evil forces at work in Chasmaria, forces that have been attacking the nation’s peace and prosperity since its earliest king, and comes face to face with horrors she set in motion when she walked out of Thresh. The peace of Chasmaria and of Grit herself depend upon Grit’s ability to lay down her life and take up the truth, goodness, and beauty Kinsmon has been calling her to embrace with every step of her journey away from Thresh.

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