Cover Reveal: Anaiah Seasonal Romance is here!

Get into the holiday spirit with these upcoming releases from Anaiah Press

Her Homegrown Christmas Wish

The Home to Harmony Series by Rachelle Paige Campbell

Coming 11/4/22!

How on earth is single mom Hannah Beacon supposed to make that happen? To make matters worse, her holiday season is off to a rocky start. Between transferring ownership of the family bakery amid her mom’s decline, raising her young daughter, and the onslaught of Christmas orders, she can’t handle much more. And then her estranged husband shows up on her doorstep.  

In the New Year, Daniel Ford is set to begin production on a TV show for the Hope and Family network. After years in the industry, the role is his biggest break yet. But when he sees his wife on screen with a mini version of herself, he realizes his shot at fame is on the line.  

Together, Daniel and Hannah agree to start legal divorce proceedings—until Daniel comes face to face with the child that spurred his return. He can’t walk out of his daughter’s life, nor can he continue to deny his feelings for his wife. Will the career Daniel’s always wanted take center stage? Or can the two forgive past hurts to make their daughter’s Christmas wish a reality? 

Carolina Christmas

by Michelle S. Lowe

Coming 11/4/22!

Meg Bryson isn’t exactly proud of how she’s spent the last year and a half of her life—or the two-inch scar across her chin. So when she’s commissioned to paint a mural for a retirement home, she jumps at the chance to get away for a while. There’s just one problem… she has to face her sister and the pain of their past. 

But when the reunion with her sister goes much differently than Meg imagined, she quickly settles into her new routine. Surrounded by a slew of new friends, including an exceptionally skittish stray dog who eventually chooses her as his new owner, she’s forced to deal with an arrogant, unfriendly veterinarian. But if she’s learned anything from the past, she knows that appearances can be deceiving, and the more time she spends with Heath, the more she realizes her initial impression of him was wrong. On a very special Christmas night, she learns that the gift of God’s mercy and grace was meant for her, scars and all. 

The Christmas Cabin

by Laura Thomas

Coming 11/4/22!

When Carla James flies home for the holidays at her family’s cozy Canadian cabin, she has no idea what—or who—awaits. But after five years serving at her beloved Mexican orphanage, it’s time to work through forgiveness, face her fears, and reclaim Christmas. Up-and-coming chef, Rhys Templeton, still regrets leaving a heartbroken Carla in the past and is desperate to confess his truth and make amends. But her own shocking revelation has the potential to either send him spiraling back to his destructive lifestyle or into Carla’s arms.  

However, someone else is privy to Carla’s chilling secret and they’re out there watching. Waiting. Wanting. Time is running out like melting snowflakes. And now, if Carla ever wants to see another Christmas, she needs all the grace and grit she can muster to trust the one who deserted her and the One who promised never to leave.  

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