Free Book Friday: Buy any 3 Christian Fiction Books at, get a book free

Attention Christian Fiction readers! We have thrilling news for you. We’re introducing Free Book Friday at Every Friday, you can enjoy a complimentary Christian Fiction book of your choice when you buy any three books from our site. This is your opportunity to expand your library with inspiring and uplifting stories. Save the date for Free Book Friday and make the most of this incredible offer!

Details of Free Book Friday: Date: Every Friday (starting this week)


How it works:

  • Visit on any Friday.
  • Explore our extensive selection of Christian Fiction books.
  • Choose any three books that captivate your interest and add them to your cart.
  • Select a fourth book of equal or lesser value and add it to your cart.
  • Your book will be discounted at checkout.

Why participate:

  • Expand your collection: Free Book Friday allows you to diversify your library without exceeding your budget. With the purchase of three books, you’ll receive an additional Christian Fiction book free, offering you more reading material to enjoy and share with loved ones.
  • Wide range of Christian Fiction: Anaiah Press boasts an extensive collection of Christian Fiction novels, spanning romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, and young adult genres. No matter your reading preference, you’ll discover captivating stories aligning with your faith, providing inspiration and entertainment.
  • Support authors and publishers: By participating in Free Book Friday, you actively contribute to the growth of talented authors in the Anaiah Press community. Your purchase plays a vital role in enabling them to continue creating impactful literature that resonates with readers like you.

Take advantage of Free Book Friday at, where you can receive a complimentary Christian Fiction book of your choice with the purchase of any three books. This incredible offer allows you to expand your library, explore new genres, and support authors and publishers within the Christian Fiction community. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to immerse yourself in inspiring stories that uplift and entertain. Happy reading, and join us for Free Book Friday!

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