Adventures Catalog

The Christmas Angel in Apt. 3C by Holly Cohen

Without Mama, Christmas has ceased to exist for Papa, but this year, Angel is determined to bring some Yuletide joy back into their lives. With little money, no decorations, and not much time left until the big day, she is facing an uphill climb all the way. Help comes one night in the form of an ethereal voice that drifts through her window, singing words of comfort. Angel vows to find the singer, and what she discovers inspires a plan with the nativity at its core. Making it work won’t be easy, though, with bully Brian tormenting her and obstacles springing up like weeds. Angel must rely on new friendships and deepening faith to spur her on in the face of mounting uncertainties, but will that be enough to return Christmas to Papa’s world?

One Small Spark by Jackie Minniti

A mysterious message on a scrap of paper. 
A shadowy group whose motives are unclear. 
A political struggle that pits friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor, and father against son.
Eleven-year-old Benjamin Pembroke’s safe, sheltered life is turned upside-down when he meets a strange boy who becomes an unlikely friend in troubling times. Unfortunately, Benjamin has no way of knowing that his future, as well as the future of his country, will be changed forever.

  • Print Length: 216 pages
  •  ISBN: 1947327267
  • Publication Date: October 8, 2018
  • ASIN: B07J4T4Z6K

Operation Tree Roper: An Eye Above by Robert A. Polk

Twelve-year-old Declan Parker was born with only one eye, but all he seems to have trouble seeing in proper perspective is himself. All he wants is for kids to see him as normal before he starts a new school in the fall. To that end, he sets out to make money helping with his dad’s tree care business.

Unfortunately, when his dad lands in the hospital after a climbing accident, Declan’s surgery hopes are wrecked. His only hope remains in a neighbor girl and her uncle, a wounded army veteran. Can they help him save his dad’s business, or will Declan’s once-courageous drive turn into total despair?

  • Print Length: 226 pages
  • Publication Date: October 7, 2014

Saving the Statue of Liberty by Andrea Jo Rodgers

John Jenkins is on probation at Saint Michael the Archangel Academy. That means one wrong move on his part, and he’ll be tossed off Team Liberty like wilted lettuce on a soggy hamburger bun. 

But Team Mischief, up to their old tricks again, plans to vandalize the Statue of Liberty. Knowing his team needs him, John snags the opportunity to prove himself worthy of the academy. Together, Team Liberty must uncover clues and solve puzzles at Liberty State Park and Ellis Island as they race against the mischievous trio to save the universal symbol of freedom from harm. 

  • Print Length: 129 pages
  • Publication Date: October 7, 2018
  • ASIN: B07J57D6PB
  • ISBN-13: 978-1947327252

Gianna the Great by Becky Villareal

Gianna just wants to know about her ancestors, but she has to join an after school history club (yuck!) to do it. Now, she’s about to embark on a journey that will change everything she thinks she knows about her family.

  • Print Length: 32 pages
  • Publication Date: March 31, 2015
  • ISBN-13: 978-0996129794

Saving Mount Rushmore (Saint Michael the Archangel Academy: Mission One)

Finalist for the 2018 Selah Book Awards – Middle Grade category. 

When John Jenkins’ parents ship him off to stay with his aunt, he’s certain it will be the worst summer ever–until he learns he’s been accepted into a top-secret school. St. Michael’s Academy is home to gifted students with extraordinary talents. Although John has no idea why he’s there, he’s assigned to Team Liberty, who assist authorities with solving low-level crimes. Their first mission: stop a trio of mischief-making teens from vandalizing Mount Rushmore.

John battles feelings of inferiority as he and Team Liberty compete against Devlin Black and his cronies to track down clues and solve puzzles at Mount Rushmore. Along the way, John makes several key contributions, and his self-confidence grows. When he discovers he was admitted to the school due to a clerical error, he’s mortified. Now, he’s strictly an “observer” until the mission’s end. But when his teammates run into trouble, John must summon up the courage to save Mount Rushmore, and he learns an invaluable lesson: every person has special God-given gifts–including him.

Mackenzie Goode Makes a Mistake on the Basketball Court (Book 3) by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Eight-year-old Mackenzie Goode is at it again! This time she is on the basketball court where she meets Coach, a man who makes winning his biggest priority, and Isabella, his daughter, who plays basketball better than LeBron James. Mac is way out of her league and soon discovers she is not as good at the game as she thought. Worst of all, her best friend, Cheese, is a lot better and immediately makes the A team. Disgusted with the game of basketball and the new people in her life, Mac quits. 

While quitting may turn out to be a mistake, it certainly isn’t the biggest one Mac makes. But overshadowing Mac’s blunder just may be the one Coach makes and fixing their problems is no slam dunk.