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Check out everything you ever wanted to know about Carrie Dalby and her new young adult romantic novel, Corroded, by following the stops on the Corroded Blog Tour.


  1. Abraham Kane – Interview – 4/13/2016
  2. Blue Attitude – Guest post – 4/14/2016
  3. Wishful Endings – Guest post – 4/16/2016
  4. Anaiah Press – Guest post – 4/21/2016
  5. MeLeesa Swann – Interview – 4/23/2016
  6. Cheekypee reads and reviews – Guest Post – 4/24/2016



Born and raised in California, but a resident of Mobile, Alabama since 1996, Carrie Dalby is a homeschooling mom with a love of literature for young adults and children. Some of Carrie’s favorite volunteer hours are with Mobile Writers Guild, SCBWI, and Metro Mobile Reading Council’s Young Author workshops.

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4 thoughts on “Follow the Corroded Blog Tour

  1. Great post! I recently had the privilege of visiting C.S. Lewis’ home and Tolkien’s grave, and saw first-hand evidence of the impact of these men. Tolkien’s grave even had hand-written letters strewn on it from fans, attesting to that impact–even so many years after his death. As an elementary school library tech, former teacher and author of a faith-based middle grade novel, it’s been fun to see the topic of faith come into play in recent years in some great books: Leap of Faith, Confessions of a Closet Catholic, Mary Mae and the Gospel of Truth, for example. Because you are right–kids are hungering for someone to talk about the questions that occupy their mind! My own novel, Sophie’s Quest, is a friendship journey to the Holy Land of a Great Horned Owl and a pirate-wannabe mouse (published by Sunpenny, a British Christian publisher). If my public school is any indication, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, and non-religious kids have been dying to learn something about what other kids believe–at risk of shameless self-promotion, it’s been astonishing to see five copies in constant circulation since the first week of September!

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