Self-Promotion Tips Part II by Jennifer Pierce

You’ve now got some ideas for promoting your books on social media. Next get out into your community! Let them know they have a local celebrity. Okay, not a celebrity yet, but you’d be surprised how many people will be amazed that someone from their town has written and published a book.

Now for some pointers on how to promote in your community.
Social media promoting can be relatively free but promoting in your community can cost a little bit of money.

Before Hidden Danger released, I had bookmarks made. Let me give you a handy tip, when ordering bookmarks, read the dimensions. I thought I was ordering bookmarks, but when they were delivered, they were actually business cards. Business cards work just as well. Expecting Danger will release on December 4th. I’ve had actual bookmarks made this time.

On release day, I drove to my local libraries and bookstores. I introduced myself and asked if I could leave my business cards. Some places have bulletin boards and some places have community areas where people can leave flyers. I also learned that some places offer events for authors. For example, my local library has “Authors in the Afternoon” and an indie bookstore has “Author Signings.”

Another way to get out in the community is to see what kind of festivals are in your area. There’s always something going on around my area. Craft festivals, art festivals, and things like that. Rent a booth, set up a table and interact with the people that come out. People seem genuinely excited to me local authors. I recently set up a booth at a festival. It did cost a fee, but I was able to make my money back. I set up a table and had books available for sale. I was also giving away the bookmarks. Just because a person stops and doesn’t buy right then, doesn’t mean they won’t later. They may even pass along the bookmark to their friends.

You can also go out and speak at functions. Are there any literary groups in your area? Small business groups? I spoke at my local Rotary Club. I talked about writing the book and the publishing process. I was able to hand out my business cards. Unfortunately for me, my books weren’t available in print at the time but if they were, I could have offered to sell and sign them then.

Don’t be afraid to get out and ask what things are available for you to promote your book.

The key to everything is interaction. Interact with your social media followers. Interact with your readers. Interact with your community.

Happy promoting!

Jennifer Pierce currently lives in Arkansas with her husband and two children. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and River Valley Writers, where she serves as secretary.

You can learn more about Jennifer on her website and Twitter.

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