What Doughnut are You? by Allison Pearl

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Writers fascinate me. Not so much the ‘who’ but the ‘how.’  I took for granted that the recipes we all use to blend a series of errant thoughts into something yummy for the palate couldn’t be all that dissimilar. After all, a story is always our end result. Each might taste a little different but the mechanics are the same, right? Wrong.

As my writing career puts me in the path of more authors, I’ve realized just how varied and distinct the writing process is from writer to writer. With that in mind, I thought the best way to celebrate National Doughnut Day would be to take a closer look at some of these writing processes using my favorite breakfast time—who am I kidding? ANYTIME—treat to guide us. And maybe by the time we’re done you’ll be able to answer the question: Which doughnut are you?

First off, we have the French Crullers. These are the outliners. Like the cruller with its perfect twists and lines, these writers craft complex tales, but they wouldn’t dare write a single word before laying it all out in a flawlessly thought out outline. Your binders are exquisite. With the pages in protectors and color-coded tabs, you’re not just throwing sentences together willy-nilly. No, you have character profiles for every hero and villain to grace your pages and can answer any question from even the most fastidious of readers. You are the crème de la crème and your readers love you for it. This… is not me.

Next, we have the Cinnamon Swirls. You folks are those chipper morning writers. Before you turn on your laptop in your Instagram-worthy writing nook, you make certain you are prepped with everything you may need. Your quirky mug is filled with a sachet of your favorite tea, or a foamy chai latte, or perhaps an espresso on those extra early mornings. Fresh flowers sit on the corner of your desk where the rising sun shines through the window. Mood setting music plays as you find inspiration that sometimes gets carefully written out in a pleasing journal before ever being typed on a page. Your plots are beautiful, harrowing, and give us readers all the feels. What would we do without you?

And what bookshelf would be complete without some Chocolate Glazed? You night owls find your devious twists and suspense while everyone else sleeps peacefully. As the clock strikes midnight, the muse strikes you. Maybe your plotting a murder or writing out the wild dreams the rest of us sleep through. You’ve got black coffee to your right but the plot is the only energy boost you need. Your words come out in a fever and, sometimes take some daytime revision, but your work will never lose that dreamlike wonder or that occasional touch of darkness. Your books stick out on the shelves, pulling us in and more often than not keeping us awake.

The Cinnamon-Sugars among us will try any genre once. You’re the coffee shop writers. You pack up a bag with your laptop, headphones, notebook, and a charger and sit at your table which better not be taken. You’re a little sweet and a little spice. Maybe today you’ll try a cozy mystery or drink an iced latte and write a romance. You draw inspiration from the life around you so beware you grumpy customer in line or you might end up being offed in the first chapter. You’re a bit distractible and so you leave the laundry, dishes, and chores at home so you can disappear into your narrative. Your readers imitate you without knowing it, taking your novels to their local shops for some quiet—or maybe not so quiet—time in the world you created.

And let’s not forget my fellow Bear Claws. Our process is messy and rough around the edges and filled with who-knows-what. An outside observer may even dare to call us chaotic. Prone to procrastination, it’s not the sun or moon that inspires us but the ticking clock. Deadlines seem more like guidelines and we often turn in something just under the wire on zero sleep. Coffee is our best friend, keeping our eyes open while we type furiously on our laptop. Our heart pounds when we hit send as the sun comes up and we feel charged all day, amazed at how we pulled that story out of a hat. But no one counts us out because it’s pressure that yields results. Our plot twists are often mind boggling because, for most of the book, we didn’t know about them either. After every frenzied and caffeine fueled book, we think ‘next time I’ll be more prepared’ but we keep coming back as do our readers. So, all I have to say to you guys is: If it’s not broken…

Lastly, we have the Sprinkled. You guys are the adaptable writers. One day, you’re a Chocolate Glazed, stringing suspense and the next day, you’re a Cruller writing literature fit for the textbooks. You write in coffee houses, at desks, and even in line at the drive-thru window. All you need is a pen and your mind. Sometimes you outline but sometimes the ideas just come too fast and you wing it. Either way you’re happy with your work and your readers are too!

There you have it. The recipes may vary but isn’t that the case with all beautiful things? We all may be different but we’re all delicious. And so, I suggest that this National Doughnut Day, you pick your favorite one, whether glazed or sprinkled, or maybe even try one that’s new and do something amazing.

So, what doughnut are you? Something listed above or all your own?

I’d love to hear from you on my Facebook page ‘Books by Pearl’ at www.facebook.com/allisonnicolepearl/ or on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/AllisonPearl5 and Instagram at @allisonnicolepearl And make sure you pick up your copy of GLAZED SUSPICION on Amazon now!

After escaping a life marred by crime, Nicole Appleton flees to small town Saint Claire and starts a business of her own. She still craves forgiveness and maybe a family, but could anyone love her once they discover she sugar-coated her past?

When sheriff’s deputy, Josh Bennet, arrives on the scene of a break-in at the local doughnut shop, he finds evidence incriminating his not-so-secret-crush. Is the fair beauty being framed or is she the mastermind trafficking drugs through his hometown? When things turn deadly, Josh must discover who the real villain is before it’s too late. And he’s praying that it’s not her.

One thought on “What Doughnut are You? by Allison Pearl

  1. Reblogged this on Life, love, writing and commented:
    All Allison’s posts are hilarious!

    What kind of doughnut (um writer?) are you? (I love this) I am… a Sprinkled doughnut Ahem – writer. I have learned to adapt!

    So, what doughnut are you? Something listed above or all your own?

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