Meet Beverly Varnado, author of A Plan for Everything!

  1. How did you get the idea for your book?

Connie Spencer showed up in the first book in this series, The Key to Everything. She was such an intriguing character, I wondered what her back story was. So I began to pursue that. My friend, Terry Kay, who wrote To Dance with the White Dog and The Valley of Light, both turned into Hallmark movies, says “We don’t write to tell a story. We write to discover a story.” The story I discovered in A Plan for Everything when I began digging into Connie Spencer’s past was she carried a deep hurt―one that fueled so much of how she lived her life. This hurt is what brings her to a moment of decision. 

Conflict really arises when Michael Cole enters the picture, though he is actually an underdog. I hope readers are motivated to root for him as he faces so many challenges in the book and deals with his own set of disappointments. 

  1. Tell us why we’ll love your book.

I think readers will love my book for the same reasons they watch romantic comedies. Worthville, Georgia is a place I want to live (And I do, as I’m working on another book set in Worthville}. It is a colorful community full of charm, wonder, faith, and love. It’s the kind of place you can go and feel someone has your back―that you’re not alone. I believe the characters in Worthville are people one would want for friends (with the exception of one Saul Lance, that is). I hope in A Plan for Everything, a reader will feel right at home in Connie’s Coffee and Cones eating a big chocolate surprise cone or sipping on a latte. Maybe they’ll wander over to Tucker’s Tomes and sink into one of his big armchairs with their favorite novel (hopefully one of mine). Or perhaps they’ll love strolling down the streets of Worthville at dusk under the gaslights. Perhaps, they’ll see in themselves the struggles Connie wrestles with and hope for her that she finds love. It’s my desire that Worthville and its characters will get into the hearts of my readers. 

  1. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

There is something extraordinary about someone who is awake to the purpose and artistry of God. It spills out into every aspect of their lives. God’s word says we are created in God’s image. God was an artist and so are we. Mac Nair Wilson, a former Disney imagineer says, “If you don’t do you, God’s plan is incomplete because you’re the only one who can do you.” I believe one of the most important aspects of writing is that we wake to the purpose of God, that we seek Him first in our life, and do what we alone can uniquely do and not copycat someone else’s work. Paul wrote, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago” (Ephesians 2:10). 

  1. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences?

I have a friend who inspired an aspect of the fictional Connie in A Plan for Everything. She is an absolute kid magnet and so is Connie. The struggle Connie has with trying to plan her whole life to maintain control might be more like my own issue. I am constantly challenged not to be a control freak! There’s another character, Tim Bouvier, who was drawn from the comical antics of another friend of ours. And of course, Worthville itself is created from a montage of Southern towns.

  1. Where can readers find you online?

Read her weekly blog One Ringing Bell, peals of words on faith, living, writing, and art at Also catch her at , on her Facebook author page, Twitter @VarnadoBeverly, or Beverly Varnado on Instagram. 

A Plan for Everything


Connie’s Coffee and Cones is thriving, and owner Connie Spencer is right on track to realize her dream of expanding into a catering business. She believes she owes her success to her remarkable ability to plan. In fact, she has a plan for everything. At least, she thought she did—until Michael Cole appears in Worthville.

Michael has an agenda of his own—and a competing business—that threatens to derail everything Connie hopes for professionally. And if that isn’t enough, Michael carries a secret that could cause a backlash for both of them. So, why does she find herself attracted to him? When an accident on a rain-slicked highway leaves Michael temporarily incapacitated, Connie is presented with a dilemma she never saw coming—helping the man she’s falling for, or moving ahead with her meticulous plans.

As life spirals out of her control and Connie faces losing everything, she questions whether her plans are enough. But if hers aren’t, whose are? As she searches for the answer, she learns she must come to terms with her deepest hurt in order to embrace a higher plan for her future.


Award-winning Southern writer, Beverly Varnado, is a novelist, screenwriter, and blogger who writes to give readers hope in the redemptive purposes of God.

She has written a nonfiction memoir as well as several novels and screenplays, one of which was a finalist for the prestigious Kairos Prize in Screenwriting. Her work is also included in several anthologies and periodicals. As an artist, her work was recently chosen for exhibit at a State University gallery.

She lives in Georgia with her husband, Jerry, and their chocolate Aussiedor who is outnumbered by several cats. Beverly is Mom to three children and Mimi to two grandchildren.

Read her weekly blog One Ringing Bell, peals of words on faith, living, writing, and art at Also catch her at , on her Facebook author page, Twitter @VarnadoBeverly, or Beverly Varnado on Instagram.

Learn more at or visit her weekly blog,

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