Author interview: Jennifer Pierce: Christmas Edition

Congratulations on your new release! 

Give us a quick one paragraph summary of your latest release.

Is this book part of a series, or a stand-alone?

This is a stand alone novella

What’s your favorite holiday movie and why?

I think my favorite Christmas movie is A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I love the classic tale and throw in Ms. Piggy and Kermit it’s great.

What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

One thing that I love about the holiday season is the attitude of those around me. It seems that people are happier during the holidays. 

What inspired you to write a book based around Christmas?

My publisher was looking for Christmas novellas and I decided to give it a try. 

Have you written a full length novel before? What’s the most difficult aspect of writing a novella versus a full length novel?

I’ve written three full romantic suspense novels before this. Not only is this my first novella, it’s my first contemporary romance. The hardest part was having my characters believably fall in love in a smaller word count. And the black moment for a contemporary romance is different for than a romance. In romantic suspense, I just shoot someone or someone gets kidnapped. Can’t do that in contemporary, lol.

Was there anything in your book inspired by real life experiences?

Grace gets whipped cream on her nose and Evan tells her about it. When I was younger, my mother got chocolate ice cream on her nose, except my dad didn’t tell her. He let her walk around the mall with it on her nose. 

I named the dog Bob after my dad. I pictured an ornery trouble making dog like my dad was before he passed away.

Where can readers find you online?,,,

Giving Grace is available now!

Nothing is more embarrassing than Grace Dixon’s dog peeing on the new mailman. Except maybe when she thinks she’s hit the handsome man with her SUV.

When he’s assigned to cover an injured co-worker’s route, Evan McDonald assumes it will be like any other mail route he’s done. But then he meets Grace Dixon, and he’s thrust into total Christmas chaos.

As Grace spreads the love of God and Christmas cheer to her community, she encourages Evan to join her. The two grow close as Evan learns about giving of not just possessions but of time and grace, setting him back on the path to God.

Grace is a force to be reckoned with, though, and when she shows compassion in a situation that Evan disagrees with, he realizes he might not be the right man for her. Will Grace’s lifestyle of giving overwhelm him, or can he muster some of that grace and compassion she so easily spreads? 

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