Author Interview: Connie Ann Michael

We are happy to interview Connie Ann Michael again and discuss her newest Anaiah release, Forgotten.



Tell us a little about yourself.

I currently am living in Montana. I grew up in Washington but recently moved to the south eastern part of Montana. I teach 5th grade on the Crow Reservation. I love the outdoors and can be found biking, kayaking, or hiking in the summer.

How did you hear about Anaiah Press?

I met Kara early in my writing career so after a few different directions in my publishing career we met up again and I felt Anaiah was a great fit for my writing.

How did you get the idea for your book?

My son and I used to watch the Walking Dead every Sunday together and I have always been fascinated by the prospect of the world as we know it disappearing.

Tell us why we’ll love Forgotten.FORGOTTEN-1600x2400

I think you will love my book because it shows a group of young people who have this unbendable faith. They trust with their entire heart and soul that God has not left them alone in their time of need. I think this steadfast belief is something people of faith wonder if they will have when the time comes.

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

I am asked this question a lot and every time I say, write for yourself. Write what you love and write for the joy of writing. If you are writing to be the next best thing you will never be satisfied. Don’t rely on others to tell you the worth of your words. Write from your heart, for your heart.

You can find Forgotten on Amazon at this LINK.


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