Music Monday: The Power of Music & How It Inspires My Writing by Sara Beth Williams

The power of music, and how it inspires my writing

By Sara Beth Williams

Music inspires and compliments everything I do. It runs in my family on my mom’s side. My grandmother, my mom and I play guitar. My mom handed down her mom’s guitar to me when I was a teen, and soon she’ll be handing down her beautiful 12 string guitar to me, which I consider a great honor. But more than the ability to hear, to play, to sing, I value the beauty of words, or rather, the power of words – because sometimes words that are harsh, or paint ugly pictures of reality are just as powerful and moving as are words that paint beautiful pictures of feelings, places, people, or God. Christian music for me, speaks to my soul; I find I can express myself so much better to my Father in Heaven. In song lyrics, I find words I sometimes struggle to speak aloud outside of the realm of music, if that makes any sense. The same goes for writing stories.

This is a photo of me when I graduated college (way too long ago it seems) and was gifted a new classical guitar by my parents. Nothing fancy, but a wonderful gift!



It’s no surprise that music inspires and compliments my writing. I’m not the only one. Maybe you can relate! Numerous authors keep playlists on Youtube and Spotify of music they listen to that inspires them while they write, or that inspired specific characters or story ideas. For my upcoming novel When Hearts Collide, due to release at the end of the summer, I have found a number of “theme” songs that compliment the entire story – the series overall in fact. Today however, I wanted to talk about a song that captures the spirit of my main character, Jay Mathews:

I love everything Mathew West. I wish I could meet him and hug him because so many of his songs embody the themes of my story. One of my favorites is, Grace Wins.

 Check out the lyrics here:

Grace Wins represents Jay’s journey. It represents where he began, who God believes he really is, and how far he has come because of God’s Grace! My hope, my prayer, is that this story speaks to those who read it and gives that same message.

Does music inspire you? How does music inspire you? Comment here, on Twitter or on Facebook!

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Author-Photo__Sara-Beth-WilliamsAbout Sara Beth Williams:

Sara Beth Williams is a wife and mother of two daughters, living in California. She writes Contemporary Christian romance. Her debut Christian Romance, When Hearts Collide, is due out at the end of the summer! She loves connecting with her readers! Find her on her own blog, at,  On Facebook, Twitter ,  and Goodreads.



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